This is the 1916 team picture of the Kentucky School for the Deaf football team. the player sitting on the right side front row is Buck Ewing. He continued his football career with the legendary semi-pro team, Akron Goodyear Silents. His playing career with the Silents (12 seasons) was the longest of any other deaf Silents players. He only weighed 150-lbs but was the team’s starter at center and was never injured or taken out of action! He was the team’s historian, cutting out newspaper stories of Silents and inserting these into a scrapbook. Just before his death, he willed these two scrapbooks, one to the American Athletic Association of the Deaf, and one to Gallaudet University. He remained with the Goodyear plant as a tire factory employee, right up to his retirement. Other players left the factory for employment elsewhere. Not Ewing! Kentucky, by the way, no longer fields a football team.