DeafDigest Gold – December 12, 2010

DeafDigest Gold – December 12, 2010

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– Gallaudet honors “Class of 1952” for being pioneers

Class of 1952 at Gallaudet has nothing to do with the real
graduating class of 1952. Instead it honors a very special
group of Kendall School students that enrolled that year.

Why? The mother of the three Miller deaf boys (Kenneth,
Gerald and Justin) filed an won a lawsuit to have
Kendall School enroll these three African-Americans.
A new school, the Kendall School Division II, was
established on the Gallaudet campus. This new school,
however, lasted only two years before both Kendall
and Kendall II schools were combined for good.


– a deaf internet cafe in Great Britain

Norwich cafe provides gateway for deaf people

Just like hearing Starbucks, the deaf internet cafe
in Norwich, a city in Great Britain, will function
as the Deaf Starbucks. There is nothing in the Deaf
Starbucks that you will not see at any hearing

This Deaf Starbucks is said to be the first for
the deaf in this Norwich region of Grat Britain.

This cafe is open daily in the late mornings through


– a deaf woman in a nail salon in Kentucky

Carla Staten, who is deaf, was job hunting. She completed training
classes on manicures and pedicures, hoping for a career in a
nail salon.

The salon boss was looking for a good person. Aware that Carla
was deaf, the boss was not interested in an interview. He wanted
to see how good she was with manicures and pedicures. After
watching her work on a patron, Carla was immediately hired and
told to start work ASAP! The salon is located in Covington,


– over 20 deaf students attend a college in

National Cheng Kung University is one of the most
respected universities in Taiwan. It is like
Harvard in USA. This university has over 20
deaf students.

There are no interpreters for these deaf students.
Instead there is a pool of 15-20 real time
captioners that type on screen what the professors
are saying in the classroom.


– captioned map program at a museum near Washington, DC

If you are visiting the Manassas Battlefield,
which is about 30-35 miles away from Washington, DC
then you will be pleasantly surprised.

The museum has a captioned battle map program that
you can easily understand and follow how the battle
took place.