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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, January 19, 2011

– deaf plane from Baltimore to Austin because of blizzard

The Clerc Deaf Basketball Classic took place last week
at Austin, Texas, involving 8 of the nation’s better
boys and girls basketball teams. For four teams,
weather was a problem. The Learning Center team had
to stay home; Maryland School for the Deaf and the
Model School barely made it out of the Washington, DC/
Baltimore area. A surprise was that the Indiana School
for the Deaf flew East to Baltimore to get on the same
plane with the Maryland and Model teams. A coach said:

it was a deaf plane

Yes, Indiana had to fly east and then fly southwest
to make it to the tournament


– made fun of his deafness, angry deaf man arrested for assault

a deaf man from Connecticut was arrested for assault as he
choked and punched his brother in the face.

Why? The hearing brother made fun of the other brother’s deafness,
making the deaf man very angry.

People in other apartment units heard the yelling and screaming.

The court case will take place in a month.

Very sad.


– if you are deaf, don’t get arrested in South Carolina

This is not a joke. There was a newspaper story saying
that there is a serious shortage of ASL interpreters
in South Carolina. If there is no interpreter and if a
deaf person is arrested, there may be a long delay in
the court hearing because of that reason.


– a popular sign language instructor at a California college

Bert Reins was written up in a story in his role as
ASL instructor at San Bernardino Valley College.
Before he came on board, the college had 35 students;
nowadays there are 270 students – plus a waiting list.

No, Bert is not the only teacher! There are two other
teachers in these sign language classes.


– Easy Street helps deaf immigrants understand American life

We have many immigrants every year that are deaf. Many of them
don’t know English and struggle to understand the American
way of life.

In Minnesota there is “Easy Street” – which has a fake grocery store,
a fake pharmacy, a fake ATM, a fake restaurant, a fake bus, etc.

These deaf immigrants pretend to use these fake facilities to learn
quickly on how to these facilities in real life.

“Easy Street” is locacted at the Hennepin County Medical Center.



DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, January 12, 2011

– More deaf people in a town of 9,000 people

Craig, Colorado is a small town of 9,000 people. A
deaf man lived in Craig for years and thought he
was the only deaf person in town! He was wrong –
because the town has more deaf people; they just
hide themselves from each other!  Why? Good question!

– a $1,100 CI?

Everyone knows that a CI costs $50,000 and higher.
Could it cost $1,100 in India? Abdul Kalam, involved
with the Association of Otolaryngologists of India,
is working on a $1,100 CI and promises it will be
ready in a few months!

– Nebraska Deaf’s first Black Tie event

There are Deaf Black Tie events from time to time
in some parts of USA, but never in Nebraska in
the past. This has changed as the Nebraska School
for the Deaf Alumni Association had a Deaf Black
Tie event to raise money for the Nebraska Deaf
Heritage Musuem. A good number of deaf people
attended this first-time event.

– A “Deaf Travel” experience

Many deaf people love to travel. They travel by
themselves or in a Deaf Travel tour. Whatever!
The Association of Late-Deafened Adults is
working on a survey to learn what “Deaf Travel”
is all about. Their theme is “Travel and Hearing Loss”
and it should be an interesting reading once the
survey is completed.

– NAD board meeting in Austin, Texas

The NAD board meets at Austin, Texas on January 21-22,
2011. The public is invited to various events that
is taking place at the Deaf Smith Center on the
campus of the Texas School for the Deaf.