DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, February 16, 2011

– promises of healing of deafness

In East London (England) Pastor Christopher Daniel
Bridger, not deaf, promised that deaf people can be
healed of their deafness during a three-day healing
crusade that he hosted.

A deaf person came up, hoping to be healed. He was not
healed, and accused the pastor of faking everything.
The pastor said he was not faking! But he ran away
and shut down the event after the 2nd day.

– must be a hearing person to play golf?

Golf teachers say most golfers use vision, sound
and feel. Deaf golfers have vision and feel.
But deaf golfers cannot hear. Is sound important
for deaf golfers? Well, hearing golfers listen
to the sound of their clubs hitting the balls
to know if the club is good or bad. Deaf golfers
cannot hear, but can use the feel to know if the
club is good or bad.

We have two deaf golfers that play pro golf – Kevin
Hall and Sung Lee.

– a terrible suggestion by Australian business people
that could hurt the deaf

Australia had devastating floods in Brisbane some
time ago. The Australian business people want the
government to reduce the pensions of the deaf and
the disabled so that money could be used to fix
the flood damages. This was reported on ABC News in
Australia. Hope this never happens


– the truth behind the cancelled Winter Deaflympics

the truth behind the cancelled Winter Deaflympics may
be that Jaromir Ruda, the Slovakia organizing committee
chairperson, was accused of stealing 1.7 million Euros
that were earmarked for the event. This is what newspapers
in Europe and Asia are implying.

– a Frederick, MD newspaper runs a story on Johnston Grindstaff

Johnston Grindstaff is an associate professor of photography and
digital media at Gallaudet University. Deaf all his life, he
grew up falling in love with photography, graphic arts and printing.
He has been at Gallaudet for about 20 years, as student, as
graduate student and now as associate professor.  His works
have been shown in US and in some parts of the world, inlcuding
India. He was profiled today in a newspaper in Frederick, MD.

DeafDigest Gold – February 13, 2011

DeafDigest Gold – February 13, 2011

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“Express yourself” as part of Sorenson Communications second annual
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Weitz & Luxenberg P.C. is one of the leading plaintiffs’ litigation
law firms in America. The firm has played leading roles in national
and local litigations involving defective medicines and medical
devices.  Our law firm is expanding its litigation against Advanced
Bionics related to defective cochlear implants implanted in young
children and adults.

Some of the firm’s clients have suffered multiple implant surgeries
due to a defective implant being surgically removed and replaced
with a second defective implant that later failed.

If you or your child has been implanted with a defective cochlear
implant, we encourage you to contact Weitz & Luxenberg – we have a
Deaf attorney and VP available. To find out more, please click on:
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– What the best stories are saying about the deaf?

Valerie Peacock, a Coda in West Virginia, was written
up in a newspaper story regarding her role as interpreter
for deaf students at Shepherd University. When not
busy with her interpreting assignments with two deaf
students, she works in the disability support service
office. She has been on the job just a year.

Steve Norris is a fairly known deaf comedian in hearing British nightclubs. And he has endorsed the
goals and objectives of the Royal National Institute for Deaf People (RNID). It is a national organization that advocates hearing loss awareness everywhere. Anyway
Norris was asked if he has had his deafness checked.
He said no. He was also asked if he has seen a doctor
regarding his hearing loss. Again, he said no. The RNID
was rather embarrassed by comments by its leading

– Very Hot News

Gene detectors are now being used in China in hopes
of preventing potential child deafness among
young couples that are nearing marriage. Is China
thinking that deafness would be eradicated within a

– Thursday February 10th

It does not pay for a deaf person to cheat other
deaf people. Eric Eliason, a Tamworth, NH deaf
man who operated his own mortgage business,
albeit without a license, has pleaded guilty.

He was accused of promising to make  loan
modifications but instead, pocketed deaf
clients’ money. This is just one charge;
there were other charges against him.

In a plea agreement, he was sentenced to
nine months in prison but will serve forty days instead. And he must make
restitution on $5,800 to these two victims.

Newspaper story is at:

– Friday February 11th

New York governor Cuomo has threatened to cut the funding for the
schools for the deaf that fall under the Section 4201 category.
This is not the first time such a threat has been made and it is
not going to be the last time, but this is where things stand.

– Saturday February 12th

The International Committee of Sports for the Deaf,
which governs the Deaflympics, issued a statement

Following intensive meetings in the Slovakian town where the 2011 Winter Deaflympics were to have been hosted, the ICSD leadership team has been able to confirm the local organizing committee’s comprehensive failure to deliver on its promises

Do keep in mind the picture link of the unfinished hockey rink
that was posted in DeafDigest Blue


Deaf Miscellaneous stuff:

Alan Thompson, who is deaf and is a professional
photographer, has a hobby – skydiving.

He was awarded the British Skydiver of the Year. He
just won a silver medal at the World Championships in Russia.


Live in a NEW home designed just for YOU. 

APACHE ASL TRAILS is designed for the Deaf, Hard of Hearing & Deaf/Blind. 

Located at 2428 E. Apache Blvd, Tempe, AZ, it is under construction and will be completed this summer 2011. 

Visit our website – http://www.apacheasltrails.com for more information and details. 

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The United Nations works with the World Federation
of the Deaf (WFD) on deaf issues. This shows a big respect
the United Nations has for the WFD.
In the past, the United Nations discriminated against
the deaf. During the 1960’s and 1970’s the United
Nations had several meetings to discuss deaf issues.
How many deaf people were in the meetings? Just two.
There were about 20 hearing people in these meetings.
We are glad that the United Nations know never
to ignore us, the deaf.

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NAD 2011 Youth Leadership Camp
June 22-July 20
Camp Taloali in Oregon

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Many high schools and colleges offer classes in
ASL for hearing students.
Languages such as French, Spanish, German, etc –
are also offered in these many schools.
French, Spanish and German are foreign languages.
If we use ASL, is it really foreign language? ASL
is based in English language so why is it called
You decide!

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Workshops for Deaf Professionals Offered in ASL
Rochester, New York  http://www.rit.edu/diit

Technical training workshops related to Business, English, Graphic Communication, and Information Technology offered in sign language at RIT/NTID in Rochester, New York

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DiiT Workshop Series on Business
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2.  Microsoft Office 2010: Create a Dynamic Presentation — July 11-15, 2011

3.  Microsoft Excel 2010: Create an Electronic Worksheet — July 25-29, 2011

DiiT Workshop Series on Workplace Writing
4.  Grammar Review for Workplace Correspondence — June 13-17, 2011

DiiT Workshop Series on Graphic Communication
5.  Introduction to Web Site Development Using Dreamweaver CS4 — June 6-10, 2011

DiiT Workshop Series on Information Technology
6.  Building Basic Android Applications Using Google App Inventor — June 15-17, 2011

7.  Building Web Pages with HTML5 — June 20-24, 2011

DiiT provides up-to-the-minute technical training in an all sign environment.  Workshop participants get the benefit of direct interaction with the instructors without the need for interpreters that most professional workshops require.  All workshops are held at the National Technical Institute for the Deaf at the Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, New York.  To register for any of the workshops listed below, download a Workshop Registration Form by visiting www.rit.edu/diit or call 585-475-7545 (Voice or TTY).  For more information, visit the DiiT Web site at http://www.rit.edu/diit or contact the project director, Donna Lange at mailto:dalndp@rit.edu or 585-475-5620 (Voice or TTY).


When one studies History of the Deaf, one will notice
a high number of skilled deaf artists and painters.
Is it saying we’ve had more successful deaf artists
than deaf attorneys, deaf scientists, deaf inventors,
Don’t know – but because great pieces of art are
handed over the years (museums, private galleries, private residences), it may be much easier
to “remember” a deaf artist, as opposed to “remembering”
a deaf engineer or a deaf attorney?

A deaf man in Vietnam was born hearing. He became deaf
because of illness, but not in the way we would think.
He had blood clots in his throat. The village healers
used their fingernails to clear out the blood in his
As a result, his ears and vocal chords were damaged
leading to deafness.
So sad!

More and more, the police departments try to be
sensitive to the communication needs in the Deaf
In Edinburg, Scotland, the police have hosted
drop-in sessions at a Deaf Community center. Deaf people,
with police issues, have been encouraged to come to
the center. An interpreter has been made available.
And whatever the deaf person says, it is held in
strict confidence.

The White House, with Kareem Dale, Special Assistant to the
President for disability policy, has been hosting a conference
call every month.
Two speakers discuss their own disability issues and then
are open for questions via telephone calls every month.
Where does that leave the deaf? DeafDigest thinks this
has never been seriously addressed by the White House.



Do enjoy viewing that video!

What is the difference between being a Deaf American
and a Deaf British? Different sign languages, yes, but there
is another difference.
We have a Marlee Matlin as our favorite Deaf Actress.
The Deaf of Great Britain do not have a Marlee Matlin of
their own.
This was the comment posted by a deaf British individual
on a web site.

We have many, many organizations, international,
national and local that serve deaf and hard of hearing people.
One such organization is:

Roanoke Valley Club of the Deaf (Roanoke, Virginia)

For the organization goals and objectives, click on:



my hearing aid is only for use of telephone


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A legally deaf person

hmmm! Is there a license or papers that indicate
that the law recognizes that person as deaf?

…………………………………………………….. ……………………………………………………..

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Weitz & Luxenberg P.C., a leading plaintiffs’ litigation law firm,
is expanding litigation against Advanced Bionics related to defective
cochlear implants. If you believe that you may have received an
“Important Notification” letter from Advanced Bionics about your
HiRes90k or Clarion II cochlear implant in either 2004 or 2006, we urge
you to contact us to receive important legal information – even if you
CI is working. Many of our clients’ cochlear implants stopped working
prematurely as described in the letter. We have a Deaf attorney and VP

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32nd World’s Largest Silent Weekend for Interpreters, ITP and ASL Teachers
and Students June 23-26, 2011 in Orlando, Florida

We are scheduled yearly until at least 2020 and have over 120 hours
of classes for all levels.  Last two years, we had 1,100 people attend and
have space for 2,000 people with the entire conference floor for our exclusive

The Florida Hotel offers
free parking (some conferences charge up to $36 per day) and free in-room
internet (some hotels charge $12.95 per day).   The huge Florida Mall has an
enormous food court offering you complete meals for as little as $5.99
(some conference hotels charge $8 just for a hot dog).

Frequent presenters include Peter Cook, Crom Saunders, Trix Bruce,
Faith Powell, Shannon Simon, and almost 20 other highly regarded
presenters.  Last year, the lowest rated presenters were only 0.22 point
behind the highest rated ones showing the across-the-board equality in
excellent quality of instructors.

For the advanced group, there will be language-focused and
interpreting-focused CEU classes.

There should be two dozen exhibitors with a huge variety of items
available.  With many classes having breaks hourly, there will be an
exciting and dynamic all-day flow of participants in the exhibit area.

The decadent chocolate fountain refreshment will be offered again!

See www.DrSign.com for more information and for registration plus a video
clip of last year’s Silent Weekend.


ASL and Interpreting DVDs

Go to www.DrSign.com for DVDs to help ASL students and beginning
interpreters.  Exciting titles include “When ‘Duck’ Is Not Enough”; “Oh,
See, Can You Say?”; “Languishing in a Linear Language is Lethal!”, as
well as ASL and classifiers and storytelling DVDs.


10th Annual Florida-Alaska Motorcycle Benefit Run

This is the World’s Longest Group Motorcycle Benefit Run.  Purpose of
funds is to help families of deaf babies served by SKIHI.  The 2011 trip
will begin July 16, 2011.

See www.AlaskaBikeRun.com


Hot DeafNews boring, but important!

Stem cells from the nose of a human face may help prevent
deafness in the future! This is what scientists from the
University of New South Wales are saying. They feel that
nose stem cells could repair damaged cells, thus restoring
the nose’s hearing! Findings were published in the
Stem Cells journal.


Rene Pellerin’s corner: 

When traveling, I try to bring very little with me.  My hands are
needed for mobility (travel) and feeling.

Using a hotel’s computer is a hassle.  I need large print and black
background with white text in order to read effectively.

At home I have a ZoomText keyboard and software, but I cannot carry
that around!

The software package is limited to use with one computer.

The company that makes ZoomText has developed a USB model for an
additional cost (about $100) which allows me to plug into the USB port and use my large print settings to read text!  

After I am finished using the computer, I just remove the USB and put it in my pocket.

Here is the link to this product  

Please note, you must currently have ZoomText and then that license
will carry over to be used for this product.

Rene has started a new show business, focusing on
the Deaf-Blind.

The web site is at:

Rene welcomes comments and feedback; his email address is:


Deaf Question of the Week:

Q. I was watching the TV with a hearing person. He told me
that certain words he was hearing were not captioned and thought
there was a censoring of some captioned words?

A. Caption censoring, unfortunately, exists in some captioning
rooms. This is not right because it is unfair for a deaf person
not to see the words that the hearing person hears.

send your questions to mailto:barry@deafdigest.com

the most interesting questions may be answered in future DeafDigest editions. Thank you.


Wish List of the Week:

that all deaf students in law school would become clerks
for judges, so that they can make contacts everywhere
in the legal profession. We, the deaf, could benefit
from their legal expertise on deaf-related legal issues


DeafHistory – Looking Back:

Year 1983 – the Laura and Richard Noon twins were born. Richard tipped the scales at 9 lbs 5 oz, while sister
Laura weighed 8 lbs 9 oz. They became Britain’s heaviest
twins. Richard is deaf (sister was born hearing).


Deaf and the Money:

CI profits by Cochlear LTD of Australia, the world’s largest
CI provider?

Year 2010 – $87.23 million profit
Year 2009 – $75.25 million profit

the company said they push for CI sales hence the higher profits


DeafNumbers of the Week:

ADA law suits. Who wins – deaf job seeker or the employer?

The employer wins 96 percent of the time


DeafLibrary Resources


list of deaf soldiers in the Civil War


DeafDigest Sports

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Job Announcement
Director of Client Support Services
San Leandro, CA

click on:


deadline: February 16, 2011

Employment vacancies
Eastern North Carolina School for the Deaf,
Wilson, NC

School Educator IV
02/16/2011 – closing date

contact person:


position open announcement Position:  Instructor, American Sign Language
Western Piedmont Community College
Morganton, NC

Proposed Hire Date:  August 15, 2011

For First Consideration, Applications Must Be Received By:    March 18, 2011

Brief Description of Position:  The primary purpose of an American Sign Language (ASL) instructor is to provide quality instruction for the students of Western Piedmont Community College in the area of American Sign Language (levels I, II, III, IV as well as ASL fingerspelling and numbers). Courses may be offered in class and online.  In addition to classroom instruction responsibilities, the ASL Instructor must be willing to pursue professional development and training as well as participate in campus activities that improve the lives and promote growth in the local community.

Minimum Qualifications:
1.    Master’s degree in a related field with a minimum of 18 graduate hours in ASL required.
2.    Master’s Degree in ASL, Sign Language Linguistics or Deaf Studies preferred.
3.    Minimum of two years teaching experience in an installation of higher education strongly preferred.
4.    National American Sign Language Teachers Association (ASLTA) certification strongly preferred.

Salary:  Commensurate with experience and credentials.

Application Procedure: Applications must be submitted online at http://www.wpcc.edu

For More Information Contact: Ms. Anita Berry
Human Resources Assistant
Western Piedmont Community College
1001 Burkemont Avenue
Morganton, NC 28655

(828) 448-3127


Western Piedmont Community College, an EOE, values and encourages campus diversity in students, faculty, and staff.


position available
Director of Human Resources
New York School for the Deaf
White Plains, NY

REPORTS TO:             Executive Director

to manage and direct all Human Resource functions

Position:  Human Resources Director
The Human Resources Director guides and manages the overall provision of
Human Resources services, policies, and programs for the entire school.

The major areas directed are:
– recruiting and staffing;
– employment and compliance to regulatory concerns;
– employee orientation, development, and training;
– policy development and documentation;
– employee relations;
– compensation and benefits administration;
– employee safety, welfare, wellness and health;
– employee services and counseling

The Human Resources Director originates and leads Human Resources
practices and objectives that will provide an employee-oriented, high
performance culture that emphasizes quality, productivity, and the
recruitment and ongoing development of a superior workforce.
The Human Resources Director coordinates implementation of services,
policies, and programs through Human Resources staff; reports to the CEO
and serves on the executive management team; and assists and advises
administrators about Human Resources issues.

Employees in this position are considered confidential.

– Maintaining the utmost confidentiality in dealing with employee
records and business information.

– Using excellent customer service skills, establishes and maintains
effective working relationships with other employees, parents, and all
members of the general public.

– Plans, organizes and directs the activities of the Human Resources
Department, including recruitment and selection, classification and
compensation, employee benefits, training, payroll, labor relations,
affirmative action, and risk management.

– Applies professional knowledge and personal judgment to a variety
of technical personnel and managerial problems and issues.

– Responsible for conducting wage surveys within labor markets to
determine competitive wage rates. Analyzes wage and salary reports and
data to determine competitive compensation plan.

– Responsible for records of personnel transactions such as hires,
promotions, transfers, performance reviews, and terminations.

– Explains Human Resources policies, and activities; negotiates and
resolves sensitive and controversial issues.

– Keeps records of hired employee characteristics for governmental
reporting purposes.

– Represents management in negotiating collective bargaining
agreements, mediation, and arbitration proceedings.

– Drafts proposed contract language; assembles negotiated contracts.

– Oversees employee benefit program, including the group health
insurance and life insurance plans, flexible spending and dependent care

programs, 403B plans, COBRA, HIPPA, and FMLA.

– Analyzes existing benefit policies of organization and prevailing
practices among similar organizations to establish competitive benefits
programs. Plans modification of existing benefits programs. Recommends
benefit plan changes to management. Notifies employees of changes in
benefits programs.

– Attends and participates in professional group meetings; stay
abreast of new trends and innovations in the field of human resource

May sit on boards or committees to represent the School’s interests.

1. Bachelor’s degree in public, personnel or business
administration, or related field, and/or five years experience in
personnel administration including three years of progressively
responsible supervisory experience.  (Any equivalent combination of
training and experience that provides the required knowledge, skills and
abilities is qualifying.)

2. Considerable knowledge of modern policies and practices of
public personnel administration; thorough knowledge of employee
classification, compensation and benefits, recruitment, selection, and

3. Fluency in American Sign Language

– Contact the Human Resources Department at 914-949-7310 Extension
– Mail  application (available at www.nysd.net),  cover letter and
resume to the New York School for the Deaf, 555 Knollwood Rd. White
Plains, NY 10603 or email to arice@nysd.net
– FAX cover letter and resume to 914-949-2331.

All resumes will be treated confidentially

New York School for the Deaf is an EOE


notice of vacancy

District Wide Special Education Teacher
for students with moderate to severe disabilities including
visual and hearing impairments

Nashua School District
Nashua, New Hampshire

work year:        School year 2010-2011

starting:        January 2011

Salary Range:         $38409 – $72,032 (pro-rated)

QUALIFICATIONS: NH certified or eligible for General Special Education or related categorical Special Education area.  Must have experience working with students with moderate to severe disabilities presenting with visual and hearing impairments.

SUMMARY OF RESPONSIBILITIES:  This position provides instruction for students with moderate to severe disabilities, including visual and hearing impairments by developing, selecting and modifying instructional plans and materials to meet the needs of students utilizing Braille, large print and technological devices.    Responsibilities of this position include conducting assessments, consult and collaborate with peers regarding the planning of instructional goals, objectives and methods of service delivery, and assist in the development of student IEP.s so that students are actively engaged in meaningful learning experiences.  Assist teachers to become familiar with the unique educational needs and learning characteristics of students with these impairments to enhance the instructional environment and demonstrate a gain in student performance. Meet professional obligations through efficient work habits such as: meeting deadlines, honoring schedules, coordinating and professional development.

This notice should not be construed to imply that these requirements are the exclusive standards of the position or that this is the exclusive list of job functions associated with this position.

APPLICATION PROCEDURE:  Interested employees of the Nashua School District should submit a letter of interest and resume and if not on file; transcripts, certification and letters of recommendation for this position through the office of Human Resources.

External Applicants should submit a letter of interest, resume, completed application, all college transcripts, three letter of recommendation, copy of NH certification or letter of eligibility to:  Dana O.Gara, Director of Human Resources, Nashua School District, and 141 Ledge Street

Applications are available on our website at http://www.nashua.edu

The Nashua Board of Education reaffirms its position of compliance with applicable State and Federal laws of nondiscrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, gender, gender orientation, disability and age in admission to, access to, treatment in or employment in the services, programs and activities of the Nashua School District.


position opening
Superintendent, School for the Deaf
Division of Student Services, Marie H. Katzenbach School for the Deaf
West Trenton, NJ

for more information, click on:


Staff Position
Instructional Designer
NTID Educational Design Resources Department
Rochester Institute of Technology
National Technical Institute for the Deaf
Rochester, NY

for more information, click on:


employment opportunity
Gallaudet University
Washington, DC 

for more information, go to:


position opening
undergraduate psychology tenure track faculty position
Gallaudet University
Washington, DC

for more information, go to:



*  EDD Program Manager – Location to be determined
*  Placement Coordinator – Pacoima
*  Community Interpreter – Los Angeles
*  Job Developer/Interpreter – Pacoima
*  Job Developer/Interpreter – Crenshaw
*  Job Developer/Interpreter – Santa Ana
*  Job Developer/Interpreter – Anaheim
*  Outreach Coordinator – Bakersfield

To learn more about the above positions at GLAD, please go
to our website:


If interested for any of these positions then please submit resume
and application to:

Jeff Fetterman
Human Resources Manager
Greater Los Angeles Agency on Deafness, Inc.
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job announcement
Extended Learning Weekend (ELW) Supplemental Staff
Georgia School for the Deaf
Cave Spring, GA

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Georgia Department of Education – Job Announcement
Speech Language Pathologist
Georgia School for the Deaf
Cave Spring, GA

Position:  00055445

Georgia School for the Deaf
232 Perry Farm Road SW
Cave Spring, GA  30124    Program/Unit:

Office of Policy and External Affairs

Description of Duties: Under general supervision, provides speech therapy services to support objectives on students. Individualized Education Plans and placement in accordance with the requirements of the Individuals with Disabilities Act. Duties include providing support to teachers and complete evaluations; providing written reports on the services provided and evaluations and will submit them quarterly; assessing, diagnosing, treating, and helping to prevent speech, language, cognitive, communication, voice, swallowing, fluency, and other related disorders.

Minimum Qualifications:
Master’s degree in speech language pathology and eligibility for Georgia Professional Educator certification in speech language pathology.

Preferred Qualifications:
Preference will be given to applicants who, in addition to meeting the minimum qualifications, possess the following:

– Experience in completing audiological evaluations

– Experience working with students with varying degrees of ability levels

– Three years of experience as a Speech Language Pathologist

Salary is based on Teacher Salary Schedule with years of experience and type of certification. This is a 10-month position paid on a 12-month basis.  Salary will be based on the number of days worked.  Benefit options include life, disability, dental and health insurance; annual/sick leave; and Employees. Retirement/Teachers. Retirement.

Submit a Georgia School for the Deaf Application* form or State of Georgia Application form to:

Personnel Office
Attn:  Denise Clark
Georgia School for the Deaf
232 Perry Farm Road, SW
Cave Spring, GA  30124

Telephone: 706-777-2286
Fax: 706-777-2240
Internet address:  http://www.gsdweb.org
E-mail: mailto:dclark@doe.k12.ga.us

Consideration/interviews will begin as soon as a list of applicants is established.  Applications/resumes will be evaluated and only those meeting the qualifications will be considered.  Top candidates will be contacted for interviews.

In accordance with Public Law 99-603, also known as the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986, the Department of Education employs only U.S. citizens and lawfully authorized alien workers.  All persons hired by the Georgia School for the Deaf are required to verify identity and employment eligibility and will undergo a criminal background investigation.

*An employment application may be obtained from the Personnel Office of the Georgia School for the Deaf. Resume/application should include daytime telephone number and prior employment history with addresses and telephone numbers.  If a resume is submitted, it must be accompanied by a cover letter.

An Equal Opportunity Employer


Georgia Department of Education – Job Announcement
Residential Advisor (DOE)
Georgia School for the Deaf
Cave Spring, GA

Office of Policy and External Affairs

Description of Duties:
Under general supervision, monitors students in a residential/home life environment; observes, documents, and reports children behavior/progress on an ongoing basis; trains and assists students in basic daily living skills; and maintains a clean, healthy, and safe environment.

Minimum Qualifications:
Any combination of training and experience which would allow the applicant to acquire the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities.

Preferred Qualifications:
Preference will be given to applicants who, in addition to meeting the minimum qualifications, possess one or more of the following:

– High school diploma or equivalent
– Two years post secondary education

– Two years experience in a childcare, educational or residential setting

– Sign language proficiency at the .Intermediate Level. as measured by the Sign Communication Instrument

Pay grade 7 – Minimum $15,168.94 to Maximum $17,520.13 Annually. This is a 10-month position paid on 12-month basis.  Salary will be based on the number of days worked.    Benefit options include life, disability, dental and health insurance; annual/sick leave; and Employees Retirement or Teachers Retirement.

Submit a Georgia School for the Deaf Application* or State of Georgia Application to:

Personnel Office
Attn: Denise Clark
Georgia School for the Deaf
232 Perry Farm Road, SW
Cave Spring, GA  30124

Telephone: 706-777-2286
Fax: 706-777-2240
E-mail: mailto:dclark@doe.k12.ga.us

Consideration/interviews will begin as soon as a list of applicants is established.  Applications/resumes will be evaluated and only those meeting the qualifications will be considered.  Top candidates will be contacted for interviews.

In accordance with Public Law 99-603, also known as the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986, the Department of Education employs only U.S. citizens and lawfully authorized alien workers.  All persons hired by the Georgia School for the Deaf are required to verify identity and employment eligibility and will undergo a criminal background investigation.

*An employment application may be obtained from the Personnel Office of the Georgia School for the Deaf. Resume/application should include daytime telephone number and prior employment history with addresses and telephone numbers.  If a resume is submitted, it must be accompanied by a cover letter.

An Equal Opportunity Employer


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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, February 9, 2011

– TV series “Switched at Birth” (involving a deaf character)
to be broadcast

ABC will show 9 new episodes of the program “Switched at Birth”
which involves a deaf character. The plot revolves around two
teenagers who were switched to wrong families after birth.
One was a hearing baby from a rich family and the other was
a deaf baby from a poor family. Both teenagers confront each
other and learn the truth. Please check your TV guide for
show dates and times.

– A new and different way of paying for our TTY

In all states, telephone users are charged a few cents
per month on their phone bills. The money goes to a
state fund that pays for our TTY equipment. Well, in
Arkansas, a new bill was introduced to charge cell
phone users for the same thing. The Arkansas bill is
asking that cell phone users be charged up to 3 cents
per month.

– Did a bad TV script make Marlee Matlin look bad?

Marlee Matlin was in the program, CSI’s “The Two Mrs. Grissoms”
and a bad script may have made her look bad. In the plot,
she played the role of Grisson’s old girlfriend. When
Sara Sidle asked her questions about the car bombing,
Matlin’s character responded about her old past with
Gil Grissom, and not at all, explaining about the car

– A deaf child may have already grown up and moved
out of the neighborhood but “deaf child” sign is still
there. Why?

A city traffic engineer from Roanoke, Virginia said
in the old days, requests for “deaf child” signs were
handwritten and filed away, and possibly forgotten
for years and years. With computers nowadays, the city
knows the date the sign was posted and will review such
signs from time to time for possible removal (when
the child becomes an adult and moves away).

– Impossible to find a second interpreter for mainstreamed

The Fargo North HS (North Dakota) has five deaf students.
This school has one interpreter, but needs one more.
The high school principal has been looking for an
interpreter for one year – but no luck so far!