DeafDigest Gold – March 20, 2011

DeafDigest Gold – March 20, 2011

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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, March 16, 2011

– Matt Hamill’s next match

Matt Hamill will fight Quinton “Rampage” Jackson on May 28th.
Jackson is a Top 10 fighter. It will be an important match
for him.

Matt was supposed to fight another opponent that he didn’t want
to face because it would be an easy win with no real challenge.
When he learned that Jackson needed an opponent, he seized on
the opportunity. If Matt wins, he will reach the Top 10 ranks.

– Fired for calling Marlee Matlin an ugly woman!

Mike Sorrentino, a comedian with the “Jersey Shore” MTV reality
TV series, made fun of some famous people, and said that
Marlee Matlin was ugly.

As a result, he was pushed off the stage by the Jersey Shore
producer and then later fired from this cast!

It may be painful for him because last year he earned over
10 million dollars for performing on Jersey Shore!

– A shocking fact about past president Theodore Roosevelt

Theodore Roosevelt was one of the most famous past USA Presidents.
He served in 1901-1909. What was a shocking fact about him that
many of us, the deaf, were never aware of? He supported Eugenics,
which means sterilizing the deaf, in addition to other disabilities.
He did not want the deaf to have children. He was probably a
hypocrite because he was supportive of the deaf to rights of
employment in the Civil Service!

– A deaf girl with a big memory

Sophia Hu, who is deaf, is a member of the Hershey HS (Pennsylvania)
Memory Team. Her team took part at the USA Memory Championship
that took place last week. What are these memory events?
These are Names and Faces, Speed Numbers, Speed Cards and

– Nurse fired for placing hand on mouth of deaf patient

Shabana Tabassum is a nurse at a hospital in England. She
was responsible for a deaf patient. This deaf patient started
screaming; upset, the nurse went over to him to place her hand
on his mouth to stop his screaming. She was fired. But she
filed a lawsuit to get her job back and the nursing board
agreed with her. Yet, she is working at another hospital.