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Big Deaf Lies
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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, April 13, 2011

– The football quarterback on a hearing team
is deaf and also a woman

The Arkansas Lady Rampage plays in the Spring
Football League, one of the several leagues
in women’s football. The team has 25 players,
and the team quarterback is Stephanie Brasel.
Because of her deafness, the team follows
her signs in the huddle. The team’s first game
is May 7th against Topeka Mudcats.

– Deaf Weiss caterer and Deaf Weiss restauranteur in
the Los Angeles area

Jonathan Weiss is deaf and he owns his own catering
business in the Los Angeles area. Darren Weiss is deaf
and is the chef/owner of his own restaurant in
Manhattan Beach, which is in the metro Los Angeles
area.  Jonathan and Darren, both brothers? No,
two different deaf men with same last name and they both
live in the same metropolitan area!

Jonathan, by the way, owned restaurants before he
shifted to food catering. Yes, both of them get together
from time to time. Do they discuss Food?

Jonathan said:
we talk about recipes, food, wine, staff and special projects

– a deaf golfer, a former champion, involved with Deaf Ministry

Years ago, deaf golfer Heather Suhr won three straight
Wisconsin high school state girls’ golf championships, the
only female golfer to achieve this feat. She then golfed at
University of Iowa for three seasons before transferring
to Purdue for her fourth season. Golf is no longer part of her
life. Working out of St Rita School for the Deaf, she is involved
with Deaf Ministry, reaching out to young deaf individuals
in the Cincinnati area. She said:

There are two other leaders in Cincinnati who work with me.
Together, we reach out to the deaf and hard-of-hearing teenagers.

– a Deaf Wedding on TV

On Sky Living, a British TV network, a popular program is
a reality wedding show. Every week, newlyweds compete against
each other – and the “best” wedding wins a prize trip
to a vacation resort site. Well, one of the wedding
contestants is deaf. Chivonne, a deaf woman, is going to
marry Remi, a hearing man. TV viewers are wondering if
one of competing bridegrooms will “learn” enough sign
language to get the deaf woman upset with her own wedding!

– Is Marlee Matlin a hearing person?

Marlee Matlin is deaf, of course. And everyone in USA knows
it. But for some reason Star Jones thought Marlee was a hearing
person. Star whispered something into Marlee’s ear during the
Donald Trump’s TV show. Marlee told Star she is deaf. Everyone
laughed and Star was terribly embarrassed. Star, herself, is
a brillant woman – as an attorney and as a TV talk show hostess,
yet she did something dumb!

See the video:!5788469/star-jones-has-no-idea-that-marlee-matlin-is-deaf


– job announcement: Superintendent,
California School for the Deaf at Fremont

closing date: April 25, 2011

visit and scroll down all the way through


DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, April 6, 2011

– Why are small town Australians more likely to be deaf
than big city Australians?

The Australian Bureau of Statistics said that nearly 7
million Australians live in small towns. And that about
25 percent of them will become deaf.  Why? They smoke
too much; drink too much; eat too much – and do not
protect their ears when there is noise! They know it
and they don’t care!

– Gallaudet was sort of involved in The American
Revolutionary War 1775-1783)!

The Americans fought in the Revolutionary War to break away
from England and to form USA as a new nation. One of those
involved may have been Gallaudet!

Gallaudet? Elisha Gallaudet hid some members of the New Jersey
militia in his house during the Revolutionary War. The English
soldiers, angry about it, wanted to capture Elisha, but he escaped.
Elisha was one of the earlier descendants of the famous Gallaudet
family – Thomas Hopkins and then Edward Miner.

– A solution for deaf physicians in the operating room

Operating room people – physicians, nurses and technicians,
wear surgical masks. It makes impossible for deaf physicians
to read lips. There have been see-through surgicial masks,
but fogging makes lipreading difficult. Recent technology
has improved on the fogging issue, and it is now being
sold in medical supplies stores.

– All deaf devices ruined in a deaf home

Ianek Zubrzycki, a deaf man, lived in a Deaf House,
with these deaf devices – webcam on laptop, wake up clock,
door signaler, TTY machine, TV with captions, etc, etc.
He woke up one morning and found that all of these deaf
devices were ruined. What happened? A group of thieves
broke into a neighborhood electrical power station to
steal copper wire. As a result, there was an electrical
blackout that hit the deaf man’s house. He is very
upset about it and may file legal action against the
local power company.

– A deaf man driving a car on three wheels!

Andrew Mackay left a party so drunk and drove his car
for home. He did not realize the car only had three
wheels and he drove that car for 4 miles until
the police stopped him. He was so drunk that he could
not feel the heavy bumping of the car ride and also
could not notice the sparks coming out of the metal
hub on the missing 4th tire. The judge was so angry
about it and handed a 10-month suspended prison
sentence and 150 hours community service and
suspended the driving license for 3 years.