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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, June 22, 2011

— a bad year for the deaf in some states

In some states, but not in all states, the year
has not been good for some schools for the deaf
and for some state commissions for the deaf.
States are broke and the first to be hurt when
budgets are cut are schools for the deaf and
commissions for the deaf. Said a veteran
administrator of a state commission for the deaf:
I think its worse now. It was always bad in some
states, though

— minor league pitcher Ryan Ketchner, deaf, needs
your vote – Friday May 24th is deadline

Ryan Ketchner pitches for Salt Lake Bees and fans
can vote for the upcoming Triple-A All-Star Game.
He has been pitching very well this season and he
is hoping to be called up by the Los Angeles Angels
of Anaheim.

To vote for Ryan, go to:
and click on “Vote Now”
Look for “PCL” ballot; he is listed in the “starting
pitcher” on the far right column.

Deadline is Friday June 24th, so do hurry up!

— We contributed to Netflix’s worst moments in its history

Every business has bad moments, no matter how successful
these companies are. Netflix had the possibly the
worst moments of its short history (1997 to present).
There was downtime with its video streaming, and
then a computer outage, and then Sony stopped doing
business with Netflix. And topping it off was our
lawsuit against them for not captioning their videos.
Do we love or hate Netflix? We love Netflix for the
easy availability of its videos. We hate Netflix
for their refusal to caption their videos!

— Switched at Birth getting sillier and siller!
The latest “Switched at Birth” episode shows Marlee
Matlin’s character serving as guidance counselor
at a school for the deaf. This is not silly.
What is silly is that she “sometimes” serves as
the school’s basketball coach?  There is no such
a thing as a “sometimes” basketball coach. These
real-life coaches serve for a full season at a
time. So, is the show being realistic? No!

— a deaf pro wrestler on front cover of a magazine

Louis Long, a deaf man from Buffalo, NY, is a professional
wrestler. He wrestles under the name of Silent Warrior.
He was just featured in a pro wrestling magazine called
“The Wrestler”

You can see a picture of him at: