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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, October 12, 2011

— A deaf person on a TV talk show that was not captioned!

Kayla Stubbs, newly crowned Miss Deaf Utah, was a guest on a recent local Utah TV talk show. There was a video of her appearance, and yes, it was NOT captioned! It is a big time shame.


— Steve Jobs and the deaf

1. Steve became late-deafened and people complained that loud iPod made people deaf!

2. Sarah Palin has thanked Steve for the iPad which will help her disabled deaf child communicate later in few years.

3. A TDI board member visited Apple headquarters in early eighties to see if the Apple II computer could be TTY- compatible. Steve was not interested.

4. AMRAD, an organization of radio and electronics hobbyists in the Washington, DC area, asked a deaf woman to program the Apple II to function as a computer TTY. The deaf woman was successful. It was during the early eighties.

5. Steve Jobs was wealthy. Did he donate money to deaf organizations? No. He was tight with his money.

6. Steve had Apple come up with many devices, which greatly helped the deaf with their communication needs.

7. A deaf business owner said: I don’t use a TTY thanks to Steve Jobs


— Captions on smartphones?

A husband-wife team of Michaela and Robin Nachtrab has founded a company, called VerbaVoice. It is based in Munich, Germany. This company wants to develop software that will produce captions on smartphones – without sign language and without interpreters! When a deaf person needs captions, he will press on a button in smartphone. A captioner, from a remote distance, will type in captions. A perfect example is an appointment with a doctor, without notepad, and without interpreters. Will it work? Time will tell.


— A Personal Care Attendant was fooled

In South Australia, a Personal Care Attendant was hired to take care of an individual that needed constant attention at home. No one told the Attendant that the individual was deaf and needed to communicate by sign language. The shocked Attendant then tried to communicate with the deaf man via gestures and body language but failed. She gave up but had to fight her way out of the house since the deaf man grabbed her and would not let her go!


— World’s best deaf scrabble player?

This coming December, Malaysia will be hosting the World
Youth Scrabble Championship. This event will involve
champion players from 33 different nations. One of the
participants is Amir Andi-Abdoerrachman, of Trinidad &
Tobaggo. He is deaf.

DeafDigest Gold – October 9, 2011

DeafDigest Gold – October 9, 2011

Gold edition            Barry Strassler, Editor – updated every Monday

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DeafDigest Blue – October 9, 2011

DeafDigest Blue – October 9, 2011

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America’s Unique Deaf Stories; subscription at no cost to you

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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, October 5, 2011

— New Zealand tells the deaf to listen for radio announcements

Worried about the deaf being unaware of incoming disasters
(earthquakes, tsunamis, etc) the government emergency officials
told deaf people to listen to the radio for updates and
announcements. This is hard to believe.

— Must use the telephone to make an appointment for
a citizenship interview!

A deaf resident of Malaysia was denied in his application to
become a citizen. It was not because he was deaf but because
he missed the citizenship interview. All applicants must
telephone to make an appointment for a citizenship interview.
This deaf man was not aware of it because no one told him he
had to find someone to make the telephone call for him!
The Malaysian law states that people could only apply for
citizenship once every five years, and this deaf man has
to wait until 2016! Already, activists are screaming at
the government in his favor.

— To be able to hear or to be able to taste, your choice!

A deaf British woman was recently implanted at the age of
40, and she was thrilled about being able to hear. But she
lost something else – the ability to taste food. For some
reason, the operation robbed her of the taste sense! This
means when she eats, she does not know if the food is
delicious or lousy. How did this happen is a Medical


— Are deaf filmmakers lucky in United Kingdom?

We have many deaf Americans interested in filmmaking and
also in Great Britain. The British Sign Language Broadcasting
Trust, howebrt, offers deaf British filmmakers a chance to
win £4,500 ($6,930 in USA dollars) earmarked towards their
filmmaking expenses. There is no such a contest in USA.
Deaf Brits luckier than us?

— Which deaf football team is in a Subway video?

The Subway is featuring its High School Hero program that will
be shown on the Facebook and Youtube. Subway elected 10 different
high schools – one showing a cooking team, a robot-building team,
a deaf football team, etc. Which deaf football team is it? There
are 30 schools for the deaf with football teams this season. And
the team is at: