DeafDigest Blue – November 6, 2011

DeafDigest Blue – November 6, 2011

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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, November 2, 2011

— Deaf people wearing DEAT?

If Sony has its way then we, the deaf moviegoers, will be wearing DEAT while watching movies. DEAT? Spelled in full, it is Dubbed Entertainment Access Technology, and is sort of a special glasses. Does it look like 3D glasses? In a way, yes. Wireless signals from DEAT help pull in captions for you. Those without DEAT will not see the captions at all. Will it succeed? All depends on how it succeeds in the marketplace and if Sony thinks DEAT will succeed in the long run.

— The Gallaudet/NTID connection with the Hammer

The Hammer, a movie profiling deaf Ultimate Fighter and past 3-time NCAA wrestling champion Matt Hamill, has strong Gallaudet and NTID connections. Matt attended NTID and wrestled for RIT. Actors Russell Harvard and Shoshonnah Stern have attended Gallaudet. When Matt wrestled in the Deaflympics, many of his fellow wrestling teammates were Gallaudet wrestlers. So, this movie was a great publicity for both Gallaudet and NTID.

— New anti-deaf abuse law in South Korea

The National Assembly, of South Korea, just passed a new law with a perfect 207-0 vote to make it illegal for hearing people to abuse the deaf. The maximum penalty is life in jail.

— A school hires a blind teacher to teach the deaf!

In Assam, a region in India, the school board hired a blind woman to teach the deaf at the regional school for the deaf! Deaf leaders of the Assam Association of the Deaf are very upset about it. They said there were several available deaf candidates for the vacant teaching position. For some reason, the board rejected the deaf candidates and chose the blind candidate.

— A Coda exposed to different sign languages

Branton Stewart, a ASL comedian,  was a well-exposed Coda while growing up. He watched deaf adults sign in the following languages:


Cued Speech




This is unusual because most Codas are exposed
to just one or two languages, but not all of them.
Yet, Branton saw them all.