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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, March 28, 2012

— Deaf professional athlete in world’s most dangerous sport

Is motocross racing more dangerous than pro football?
Well, Ashley Fiolek, the world’s #1 female motocross
racer, is deaf. She is small and 115 lbs. And she suffered
many injuries – concussion, collar bone fractures (twice),
two broken wrists, lost teeth, broken nose, broken leg,
broken arm, broken ankle, dental root canal, etc. Don’t
feel sorry for her. She is popular, world famous, wealthy,
well-liked by the public. And big time commercial sponsors
love her personality.


— TTY Relay operator violating company policy?

A new movie is coming up – House of Bodies, and it
stars Queen Latifah as the leading character.
She plays the role of a TTY Relay operator that
makes friends with a relay user during her work
hours. The plot is a murder case that Queen and
the deaf relay user (a kid) worked together with
police to solve it. This is not real in everyday
life. If it was true, then the relay operator
would have been fired. It is same old Hollywood
twisting of real life facts.


— A deaf video game competitor among the best

Ando Ferguson, who is deaf and a former Gallaudet
wrestler, was one of the game participants at the
recent video Grand Prix event in Indianapolis.
It is one of the biggest events in the gaming
world. All serious gamers dream of coming out
on top in that event. Ando finished among the
Top 8 finalists, after going through 15 tiring
rounds and then one final 8 round during these
two long days of video competition.


— A deaf foreign services diplomat quits her job

Sometime ago DeafDigest mentioned that Jane Cordell,
a deaf British diplomat had her new ambassadorship
job at Kazakhstan taken away from her. It was because
Great Britain did not want to pay for her interpreting
needs. She had been a diplomat in British Foreign
Service for about ten years and won several promotions.
The latest promotion – ambassador to Kazakhstan was
to be biggest of her career. She lost a lawsuit
against the government. Knowing she has no future
with the British Foreign Service, she quit. She
said the quitting was forced. She is now working
for the Action on Hearing Loss.


— A Civil War historian is deaf

Many historians are fascinated by the Civil War.
One of them is Linsay Darnall Jr, and he is deaf.
He is from Polk, Nebraska and since 1997, he has
been giving lectures about the Civil War. He is
interested in the deaf that fought on both sides
of the War and hopes to write a book about them.
DeafDigest has the list of deaf fighters at:


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DeafDigest Gold – March 25, 2012

DeafDigest Gold – March 25, 2012

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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, March 21, 2012

— A cheap quality Miss Deaf Pageant crown!

When a deaf woman wins a Miss Deaf Pageant, she is
given a crown to wear on her head. The real crown
is pure silver. It was embarrassing in Swaziland
when the organizers of the Miss Deaf Pageant gave
the winner a cheap crown that rusted because it
was not pure silver. A newspaper story about it
made hearing people laugh at SNG Sounds, the “cheap”
sponsor of the pageant. The sponsor had to replace
it with a pure silver crown.


— Comparing deaf attitudes in Canada and New Zealand

Gary Malkowski, deaf and ASL-user, was MP in the Ontario
parliament (1990-1995). Mojo Mathers, also deaf, is the
new MP in the New Zealand parliament. Attitudes of Ontario
and New Zealand are different. Why? When Malkowski won,
the parliament quickly gave him interpreters, surprising
him, But when Mathers won and asked for electronic
notetakers, the parliament refused to pay for it. It took
a lot of arguing, threats of lawsuits, and public outcry
for three weeks before the parliament agreed to pay for it.
Different nations, different attitudes!


— Neighbors do not want deaf school near them!
NIMBY (Not in My Backyard) is ugly sometimes. The Rocky
Mountain Deaf School is facing fierce opposition on
their plans to build a new school campus in a Lakewood,
Colorado neighborhood. These hearing people are saying
the school will increase traffic and ruin the beautiful
nature scenery (trees, grass, roaming animals – elk,
foxes and bears). The school must reach deal on property
by December or lose the $13 million grant that would pay
for the new campus. The cruel irony was that the
land was originally zoned in 1977 for a new school


— Computer chips inserted in brain to help deaf-blind?

Sidney Primas, not deaf, is a student at Duke University,
taking a double major in biomedical engineering and
electrical/computer engineering. Using knowledge in
both fields, he is inserting computer chips inside the
human brain. He hopes it will help restore vision to
the deaf-blind. At this point, it is too early to know
if this idea will work.


— A deaf sports executive with a new job

We do not have a deaf front office executive in major
sports in USA (football, basketball, baseball, hockey).
Last week Karim Fayed, who is deaf, has been appointed
as the Vice Chairman of the Fulham Football (soccer) club
in England. This team plays in the Premier Soccer League,
the world’s #1 professional soccer league. This team plays
against Manchester United, Manchester City and other famous
British soccer teams. The British people love soccer,
same as we love pro football.

DeafDigest Gold – March 18, 2012

DeafDigest Gold – March 18, 2012

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