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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, May 30, 2012

— A “Deaf Duggar Family”

Melody Frink, who just graduated from NTID, told a NTID
staffer that she is from an all-deaf family of 11 children in
Ohio. The children range from age 25 to 6. As we all know,
there are 19 children in the Duggar Family, stars of their
own TV series on the cable network. Is the Frink all-deaf
family the largest in USA? Do not know for sure but
probably so.


— A newspaper prints recipe by a deaf student chef

Jonathan Vargas attends a culinary program in Florida.
He hopes some day soon to become a chef at a nice
restaurant. His recipe for a fruit pie was published
in a Florida newspaper. Is it the first time a newspaper
prints a recipe by a deaf chef? Don’t know.


— Hearing aid waiting list: 5 years, but a big shock!

A deaf woman, Cork, Ireland, needs a hearing aid, but
cannot afford it. Ireland provides free hearing aids for
those in need – but the waiting list is five years. It was
embarrassing for the Irish government, Why? The deaf woman
is 92 years old and has to wait until she is 97 to get the
hearing aid!


— a member of a rock band is a lucky Coda

Ed Chaney, a drummer with the Dead Flowers rock
band, is a lucky Coda. His father owned a deaf devices
business in the basement of his house. One customer, a former
drummer who became deaf because of loud music, saw Ed play
with drums in the living room. They became friends and Ed
learned everything about drumming from him and has become
a good drummer. Currently Ed plays with his band in the
Dallas/Fort Worth area night clubs!


— Famous actor Johnny Depp is not telling the truth

DeafDigest mentioned that famous actor Johnny Depp used ASL badly
when doing a song. He “blamed” his ASL instructor for teaching
him the wrong ASL (signing ‘enemy’ instead of the word ‘Valentine’).
The ASL instructor who taught Depp was Bill Pugin, who is
considered one of Hollywood’s best ASL interpreters. There is no
way Pugin would have given Depp wrong instructions. So Depp
is lying about it.


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DeafDigest Gold – May 27, 2012

DeafDigest Gold – May 27, 2012

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DeafDigest Blue – May 27, 2012

DeafDigest Blue – May 27, 2012

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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, May 23, 2012

— A difference between Ashley Fiolek and Marlee Matlin

Ashley Fiolek is a famous deaf motocross champion.
Marlee Matlin is a famous deaf actress. What is the
difference between these famous deaf women? Marlee
requires all of her movie and TV appearances to be
captioned. Ashley performed in a recent Red Bull/Honda
commercial – that was not captioned! Did Ashley ask
the TV people to caption the filming?

— ASL could instruct computer what to do!

A deaf person using ASL to tell the computer to do
something? Yes, as Microsoft engineers may make it
possible with the new SoundWave software. SoundWave
can recognize hand gestures. With more software
improvements, SoundWave may later recognize
ASL. If successful then we can use ASL with our
tablets and smart phones!

— Times Square’s CBS Super Screen shows important deaf message

New York’s Times Square has the CBS Super Screen. Everyone
looks at it while walking through. And it is showing
a deaf message – the Abused Deaf Women’s Advocacy Services
and its Public Service Announcement about rights and
needs of deaf women in domestic situations. These messages
are 15 seconds long and rotates with other messages.

— Insulting the deaf while seeking help from the deaf

A hearing person posted on a deaf web site this message:

I am not deaf, and very thankful for that. I wish to
learn ASL. Please tell me where are the ASL classes
being held?

Not a surprise; no deaf person helped that hearing person.
No one should ever say in front of a deaf person that he
is thankful for not being deaf! It is very insulting.



— Fire alarm at theatre that showed captioned movie

A moviehouse in Abingdon, MD was showing the captioning of
the movie “Avengers.” An angry hearing patron, who did not
want captions, complained to the theater general manager.
The manager offered a refund, but the man turned it down
and then watched the captioned movie. When the movie ended,
the man, still upset, demanded his money back. The manager said
no because he already saw the film. The angry man then pulled
the fire alarm! He was arrested and may be fined $5,000!

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