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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, June 20, 2012


— A famous deaf person on “Switched at Birth”

A famous deaf person will play the role of Robin Swiller, a new girlfriend of one of the program’s leading characters. Who is that famous deaf person? It is Ashley Fiolek, the champion motocross racer. A natural blonde, her hair color on the TV program will be brown!


— Deaf to serve in the military?

Senator Tom Harkin (Iowa) whose late brother was deaf, has asked the Department of Defense in a Congressional hearing, to allow the deaf to serve in the military. During the Civil War we had many deaf soldiers fighting on both sides. The list is at:


— Better way to know if unborn baby is deaf or hearing

How can you tell if the unborn baby is deaf or hearing? It requires mother’s blood sample and father’s saliva! This is what a research team from University of Washington is working on. Good news for deaf couples? Well, for the hearing couples, there is fear that they may not want the baby if they learn it is deaf!


— Netflix vs National Association of the Deaf

The attorneys representing the National Association of the Deaf and the Netflix gave oral arguments in the United States District Court, Springfield, MA. Both NAD and Netflix will go into mediation. If it fails, then we will see both of them fighting each other in a jury trial. Said a deaf leader:

It was disgusting to hear Netflix’s attorney comments. They have no compassion for people with hearing loss.


— A Hearing Ear cat!

A Hearing Ear cat? Not a joke. In England there was a deaf woman, who lived by herself in her apartment with a cat. Each time the doorbell rang, the cat would jump into the deaf woman’s lap, alerting her that someone was at the door. It worked each time.


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