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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, July 18, 2012


— these cute and lovable fake hearing aids

Children love to play with dolls and toys. Are there dolls and toys with fake hearing aids? Yes – eight companies sell these fake hearing aids on stuffed animals and dolls.


— Hollywood finally realizes deaf can act better than hearing?

A hearing casting director watched  deaf actor Troy Kotsur’s great performance at a deaf play. This casting director of the TV series “Criminal Minds” felt Kotsur would be a perfect role for a character in a future episode. As a result, the original script was re-written at the last minute to replace a hearing character with a deaf character! Not sure if it was a first in Hollywood history, but it certainly was rare, and a big PLUS for Deaf Hollywood!


— a hotel for the deaf

Deaf people love to travel. Some hotels are not deaf friendly; some hotels are deaf friendly. Here is one hotel that is VERY deaf friendly. Unfortunately it is not in USA. It is the Mercure Hobart hotel chain in Australia. This chain has set aside a group of rooms that are deaf-friendly (and also disability-friendly). Do check out that chain if you are vacationing in Australia.


— a hearing loss lawsuit

A doctor in West Virginia has been sued for medical malpractice by an angry late deafened man. The patient visited the doctor 4 years ago complaining about hearing loss. The doctor ran three audiogram testings which confirmed the hearing loss. Then in 2010, the patient lost his hearing completely. There was an operation, which did not go well, leaving the patient with paralysis in his face. This was the basis for the lawsuit.


— two big companies embarrassed by no commercial captions

Coles is a supermarket chain. Hungry Jacks is a fast food chain. Both are in Australia. B&T is the biggest advertising agency in Australia. Aware of lack of captions by Coles and by Hungry Backs, B&T asked both why they have not been captioning their commercials. Both companies, very embarrassed about it, quickly agreed to caption their commercials! Wish it was that so easy in USA!


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