DeafDigest Blue – November 11, 2012

DeafDigest Blue – November 11, 2012

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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, November 7, 2012


— Medical chief says possible but won’t promise license for deaf truckers

Elaine Papp, the medical chief, Federal Motor Carrier Safety
Administration, gave a speech at a convention of truck
drivers. She said her agency is reviewing 45 applications of
deaf truck driving applicants for possible licenses. She
would not say yes or no, just a hint of possibility, but
without promising anything.


— Miss Deaf World pageant helped by a hearing motorcycle club

Miss Deaf World pageant takes place every year; for some reason,
many of us do not know too much about it. It takes a lot of money
to run the pageant every year. Helping raise the funds is the Black
Dogs Motorcycle Club, Prague, Czech Republic. The mission of
the cycling club is to help the disabled, the deaf included. It
is not the same as with other violent biker groups.



— An interesting T-shirt of a deaf employee at a supermarket

In Midland, Texas, at the H-E-B supermarket, two employees
are deaf, both husband and wife. The wife wears a T-shirt
at work. On the back of the T-shirt, it says:

I am deaf and would love to help! I have a pad and pen.

The wife always has pad and pen ready with her at the supermarket.
They have been employed for seven years.



— A big Deaf Nightmare!

What is our biggest Deaf Nightmare! Being stuck in an elevator
that won’t go up or down or open the doors. A British deaf mother
with her child was stuck in an apartment elevator. For two
hours she repeated the same words into the intercom speaker –

I am stuck with a baby and I am deaf, I cannot hear… please send
someone out

Two hours later, she and the child were rescued


— A deaf vending machine

The Hyogo Association of the Deaf in Japan has three
vending machines. These machines are located at three
locations in Hyogo, selling refreshment drinks. The
signs on the machines tell the public that it is
deaf-operated with proceeds going back to the deaf
agency. A big Japanese beverage manufacturer helped
the deaf agency with the vending machine arrangements.


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