DeafDigest Gold – December 9, 2012

DeafDigest Gold – December 9, 2012

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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, December 5, 2012

— becoming deaf from smelling cigarette smoke!

We know that smelling cigarette smoke can cause
cancer. But do smelling it cause deafness?
A team of researchers from New York University
said that it can! Their advice – if you smell
cigarette smoke, walk away!

— a future interpreter’s big shock at airport

Samantha Penuelas, who is a learning to become an
interpreter, wanted to surprise her boyfriend
who was coming home from a tour of duty in Afghanistan.
Instead, the surprise was on her. At the airport in
Phoenix, he greeted her, and then on his one knee,
proposed marriage, in ASL, not in voice! He learned
just enough signs on his own to propose in ASL.
They will get married at end of this month.

— a person that teased is going to jail

A man, from Ohio, was cruel. He teased a girl
that has cerebral palsy. Someone took a video
of the teasing and posted it on the internet.
The family filed a complaint, and the case went
to court. The judge sentenced the man to one
month in jail. Why is DeafDigest mentioning it?
Because if a hearing person teases a deaf person,
making fun of his deafness, then who knows –
that cruel hearing person could be arrested!

— a crocodile scaring deaf kids at deaf school

a crocodile, almost 10 feet long, was swimming on
the Solomon Island beach, near a group of deaf kids
during a lunch recess. The school director saw it
and called the police. Yet, it took the police 2
days to come and investigate. The director was
concerned because deaf kids cannot hear crocodile
warnings. To this date, police is still looking
for the crocodile.

— a new Knight making deaf people angry

Malcom Bruce, the Parliament MP from Scotland, is
being honored with a knighthood by Queen Elizabeth.
They said he has helped the deaf for many years.
But angry deaf people said it is not true. They
said he voted in the Parliament to cut funding
for the needs of the deaf, while at the same time
serving as a trustee with a deaf service agency!
They are saying he is a big hypocrite.

— position announcement
Director of Interpreter Services
Florida School for the Deaf and Blind

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