DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, January 9, 2013

— a job posting in Australia that we hate

An agency serving the deaf in an Australian city posted this
job description:

“Your experience should have some Hearing Loss matters, but this
is not important”

This agency is saying it does not matter if a hearing person
knows nothing about the deaf while being hired to work with the
deaf. How dumb!



— Netflix captions cannot be bookmarked

Are we happy with Netflix captions? Probably so, but we are not happy
with Netflix bookmarks. A hearing person can bookmark the video
which stays until he comes back. But Netflix does not bookmark
the captions. This means you must turn on the captions and try
to remember where you left off. Is it Netflix’s bad engineering
design or is it their revenge because we sued them?


— Actor Mark Harmon angry at Marlee Matlin

Chuck Lutz, not deaf, is retiring from his job as the manager of
the Los Angeles Herald-Examiner property. This site is the location
of many Hollywood movie scenes. Looking back on 23 years in his
job, Chuck remembers many incidents. One big incident was actor
Mark Harmon getting very angry at Marlee Matlin. Why? Because
her car was parked too close to his car on the property parking
lot!  That was a long time ago, and both probably won’t remember it.
Anyway, how popular is Marlee Matlin? She just got her 250,000th
follower on her tweet account!

— Germany’s deaf banker

Robert Davis is deaf and works for the Commerzbank Dusseldorf
in Germany. He was born in England but lives in Germany. He
is a customer services consultant – discussing banking matters
with deaf – and – with hearing clients. He knows German Sign
Language and uses it to communicate with deaf clients. He handles
500 deaf and hearing clients. He started to lose his hearing
at age of 10, but became a stock broker as a young man. When
his hearing got worse, he had to leave his stock broker job.
That is why he became a banker.

— federal court twice supports eBay against a deaf person

Melissa Earll, a deaf woman, wanted to sell her collectibles
(coins, comics, watches, baseball cards, etc) on eBay. She
couldn’t because eBay requires voice verification to get the
pin number and would not accept relay service calls. She
twice filed lawsuits and lost each time. She is 47 years old
and eBay insulted her by asking for her mother or father to
make the voice call for her Not giving up, she will take the
case all the way to the Supreme Court if possible.

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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, January 2, 2013


— USA will not help, but Finland will help the deaf

The World Federation of the Deaf (WFD) is like our Deaf United
Nations. The WFD needs money. The USA governemnt does not pay a cent,
but the parliament of Finland has donated about $66,000 to the WFD.
Why Finland and not USA? Anyway WFD has 133 member nations. There
are WFD conferences where delgates discuss issues about the deaf and
of deafness.


— An important person in National Football League is a Coda

Ronnie Baynes, a Coda and a former teacher at Alabama School
for the Deaf and Blind, is an important person with the National
Football League. He refereed football in the SEC for 13 years
and in the NFL for 14 years. No longer a referee, he has been
working for the NFL for 12 years as the supervisor of rookie
referees. He may possibly have had his past rookies become Super
Bowl referees. Who was his father? Harry Baynes, the legendary
teacher and coach at Alabama deaf school.


— Why does China have so many deaf people?

China says their deaf population is almost equal to Australia’s
hearing population. Why? In China, many children get medicines
that were bad for them – such as antibiotics for a fever. As a
result these hearing children become deaf.


— deaf owner of a store at a big shopping mall

At the Southern Park Mall in Youngstown, Ohio, there is a store
called Touchdown Gifts. It is owned by Stephanie Mansour, and
she is deaf. She started small, with a 6 by 6 kiosk, but the
business grew so much that she moved to a store about 10
years ago. The store sells gifts and novelties with logos of
Pittsburgh Steelers, Penn State, Cleveland Browns and Cleveland
Indians. Is she a sports fan? She “knows” nothing about sports
but knew these logos were popular and hot-selling! She knows
sign language and communicates with hearing customers by


— must be careful with a big donation

In Wales, Specsavers is a chain of hearing aid stores. Specsavers
donated $13,000 to the Wales national deaf rugby team. The deaf Wales
national team agreed to have all deaf players get hearing tested by
the Specsavers audiologists. But what happens if a deaf player is
tested by a non-Specsavers audiologist? Would Specsavers punish the
Wales national deaf rugby team? It is the same as a NBA player wearing
Reeboks, not allowed in NBA because Nike is the official NBA shoes



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