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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, April 19, 2013



— deaf people not wanting jobs???

a director of a state agency serving the deaf complained that the state
government has job openings for the deaf. But they are not applying
for these jobs; these openings still not being filed. These jobs have
full benefits, health insurance and retirement plans. Why aren’t the
deaf people interested in these jobs?????? Very sad.



— could a deaf gene win a patent?

Could a deaf gene win a patent? The Supreme Court has listened to a
case that may decide if genes can or can’t be patented. While deaf
genes were not part of the discussions, we know that there are few deaf
parents that specifically want deaf children. And if justices decide
later that genes can be patented, then would it lead way to a patented
deaf gene?



— music with Sean Forbes and his family

As many of us know, Sean Forbes is a promising deaf rocker, perhaps
one of the world’s better known deaf musicians. He grew up in the
world of music with his hearing music-loving family. They were always
having music around them. His brothers wanted to have careers in music.
Years later, did the hearing Forbes brothers pursue their dream
musical careers? No – Sean is the only one in the family with a
musical career! Such an irony.


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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, April 17, 2013



— a government encouraging the deaf to start businesses

A government is offering money to encourage the deaf to
start their own businesses. The money could be used either
to start a business or to attend business training classes.
The Ministry of the People and Social Development is
offering $5,000 for deaf people that have business goals
in Trinidad and Tobago. So far about 30 deaf people accepted
the offer. Why not more deaf? They’re not interested!



— a state offering free tablets for the deaf

A state commission for the deaf and hard of hearing has
offered free tablets for the deaf. That state said 250,000
people have hearing losses. Many deaf people grab these
free tablets? No, just 10 deaf people, and it is in
New Mexico.



— a copyright law hurting the deaf!

A disability rights attorney complains that the copyright
law hurts the deaf. The law is The Digital Millennium
Copyright Act. It does not allow captioning of videos
if the copyright owner refuses permission. They refuse
because they want to protect investment in their videos.
This is why captions are missing in some videos and some
old TV shows.



— a lucky deaf inventor won a patent

When the US patents office turns down a patent application,
then the invention is dead. But for one deaf inventor
Patrick Flanagan, he was lucky. He was turned down for a
patent on a hearing aid device. Twelve years later, the
patent application was reviewed. The patent reviewer asked
a deaf employee in the office to test the hearing aid. It
worked and Flanagan finally got his patent and it made
history – first time a patent was won after it was originally
turned down. It is the United States Patent Number 3,393,279.



— an unusual deaf warning sign in a small town

We always see these Deaf Child warning signs everywhere
in USA. But a sign to warn the public of adult deaf person?
This request was placed in a Ohio small town where the
construction crew wanted to do some work on sewers and
they wanted a Deaf Adult Person warning sign posted on a
temporary basis. Seems to be a strange request!



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