DeafDigest Blue – June 23, 2013

DeafDigest Blue - June 23, 2013

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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, June 21, 2013


— Another deaf player in women’s WNBA basketball league

For years, Tamika Catchings, Indiana Fever, was the only deaf player in
the women’s WNBA basketball league. Not any more. There
is another deaf player – Emma Meesseman, from Belgium.
She plays for Washington Mystics. She is 20 years old
and is 6’4 tall and wears two hearing aids while playing.
She is an average player, not a superstar like Catchings.



— A TV news anchor that supports the deaf

How often do we know of famous people that help the deaf? Very
rare, if any. Well, Gregg Lagerquist is a well known TV news
anchor in Maine. He has been on TV for more than 10 years. He
said that helping the deaf and hard-of-hearing kids in Maine
is one of his goals in life. He wants them to become



— Canada discriminating against deaf immigrants?

Canada has many, many deaf immigrants. Yet there is a strange
story of this nation refusing permanent residency for Dmitri
Smirnov, a deaf Russian. He moved from USA to Canada and
is employed as a house painter. Canada says he failed the
language exams. Deaf people are angry because there are many
deaf immigrants that know only ASL and were able to obtain
residential status in Canada. Something funny is going on?



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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, June 19, 2013

— a deaf poker player wins big money in World Series of Poker

David Chiu, who is deaf, won first place money of $145,520 over
246 other poker players in a recent World Series of Poker event.
He has career winnings of $7,612,754 in poker tournaments, 12th
best in lifetime earnings. And it is his 5th first place win.
David does not know sign language.



— a famous man calls himself deaf-mute

Many of us love to travel. And many of us read Rick Steeves’
travel books for advice on these tourist sites. In a recent
magazine interview, Rick was explaining that he was traveling
in the Czech Republic and had communication problems with a
Czech woman. Rick described himself as being treated as a
deaf-mute by that Czech woman. Why wouldn’t he just describe
himself as deaf? It is very disappointing, his attitude!



— Deaflympics fund raising on an American warship!

Two deaf brothers had to raise funds for their participation
in the Deaflympics. Both were javelin throwers. The father of
both boys, serving in the Navy, had his sons come with him
on the American warship. On the deck in front of many sailors,
the deaf brothers demonstrated the way to throw the javelin.
The next day, the fund raising goal for both brothers was met
in just four hours! It was Bill Ramborger, a long time retired
teacher at South Carolina School for the Deaf and Blind, and
brother Dick, who is the father of the famous Deaf Chef –
Kurt. It was the 1961 Deaflympics in Helsinki, Finland.



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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, June 17, 2013

— Serbian government playing a joke on the deaf?

Will Serbian Sign Language be approved by the government?
Well, it all depends on public debate about it that the
government will host. Invited to the debate are deaf
organizations. But there is one rule. The organizations
must confirm their participation by using voice telephone.
Relay service? There is none in Serbia. Is the government
playing a joke on the deaf?



— Hearing mother and deaf daughter at a job interview

A deaf woman looked very hard for a job – but had no luck.
No one wanted to hire her because of her deafness. She
finally found a job when she brought her mother with her
for a job interview. The company hired the deaf daughter
because the hearing mother helped with the answers at the
job interview. Hard to believe? Well, L.Oréal, the world’s
most famous beauty products company, hired the deaf woman
to work in the company accounting office.



— A deaf man enters a TV reality show

Sam Evans, who is deaf, and is a Deaflympics athlete, and is
employed in a store, is entering a TV reality show. It is
the Big Brother house, a popular program in Great Britain.
It is about a “fraternity” house with immature young men
that joke around and are irresponsible about many things.
Many people like him and think he will win the Big Brother
contest! Sam, who has no girl friend, loves to party and
have a good time. He is worried that other contestants
will make fun of his deafness!



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