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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, June 26, 2015

— a woman that Jerry Seinfeld “dated”

There was a story posted on the web on all of Jerry Seinfeld’s
“TV dates” – and what became of them nowadays. One of his
dates was Laura, The Lip Reader. It was played by Marlee Matlin,
and he wanted her to read the lips of one of his past girl
friends at a party. It sort of went badly when Jerry asked
if he could pick her up at six, and Marlee mis-read the lips
thinking he was asking about something else. What was
interesting was that just about all of Jerry’s TV dates
are still unknown actresses, except for Marlee!



— another deaf baseball player signs a pro contract

A third deaf baseball player signed a contract this year;
two were from Gallaudet, but the third one was a
non-Gallaudet player – Skip Flanagan, a NTID student
that played for the RIT baseball team. He will play
for the Old Orchard Beach Surge that is playing
in the North Country Baseball League. He is not the
first NTID athlete to become a professional athlete.
The others are at:


— a deaf model on America’s Next Top Model

Nyle DiMarco, who is deaf and a young man at the
age of 25, will be on the America’s Next Top Model
TV show (The CW network). This program starts on
August 5, 2015; seven males and seven women
will compete against each other for the top
prize Р$100,000 cash and an  opportunity
to advance in a lucrative modeling career.
It is not known if Nyle is the first-ever
deaf model to appear on a contest on TV.



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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, June 26, 2015 morning

— encouraging the deaf to go above their doctorates

University of Rochester, RIT and NTID have been awarded
a grant from Rochester’s School of Medicine and Dentistry
through National Institutes of Health to encourage deaf
with doctorates to aim higher.

Full story at:

— deaf man’s family getting 150 death sympathy cards

Philip Nixon, a deaf man, passed away in Maryport, a small town
in England. People liked him; he was involved in a range of
community and civic activities. Upon his death, his family
received over 150 sympathy cards. What was amazing was that
most of the cards were from strangers, these people that
Philip didn’t know while he was alive!



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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, June 25, 2015



— a deaf boxer hoping to make it in the Olympics

A recent USA boxing tryouts for the Olympics involved
a deaf boxer – Julian Smith, of Illinois. He won
his first bout in the welterweight division. Lets’
hope he will advance in that tournament and get to
box in the Olympics.




— a busy deaf tycoon finds time to play poker

There was a newspaper story about deaf poker tournaments.
It mentioned a participant – Jarrod Musano. He is a
busy tycoon – involved with extensive real estate
properties in New York and as a CEO of a national deaf
relay provider. Good money at deaf poker tournaments?
Not really. It is not same as a big time TV poker
tournament where winnings go into millions of dollars.
A recent deaf poker tournament netted the winner
$3,000. For many deaf players, they must pay for
transportation and lodging. For them it is a
hobby, not a full time profession.

— a restaurant policy about the deaf

The Argonaut is a restaurant located on H Street NE
in Washington, DC, not too far from the Gallaudet
campus. It is popular with deaf patrons – hence
the restaurant policy! Owners Scott Magnuson
and Shaaren Pine have established a policy –
that at least one ASL-knowledgeable staffer
must be on duty at all times! The owners
do not want to be caught offguard if a deaf
person comes in and there is no one around
that knows ASL!



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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, June 25, 2015 morning

— many cities refuse to post up Deaf Child signs

A deaf child is part of a family in Dayton, OH. The
family had been begging the city to post up
the Deaf Child signs. For quite some time the
city refused, but finally put up the Deaf Child
sign. Why did the city refuse in the first
place? Two reasons. First reason is cost.
Second reason if the street has no sidewalks!

— a shock about a health center

Augusta Health Center in Fisherville, VA,
lacks an interpreter for the deaf. And
when deaf patients come in, the Center
has to call an interpreting agency to
send in an interpreter. What is the
big shock? That for some of the deaf
patients, they have to wait more than
four hours for an interpreter to show
up! Yes, there is a video remote
interpreting, but it is quite unpopular
with the deaf.

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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, June 24, 2015



— an interesting comment by Derrick Coleman re Tom Brady

Deaf NFL player Derrick Coleman was interviewed on TV.
He was asked if Tom Brady should have been allowed to
play because of his suspected involvement with the
Deflategate scandal. Derrick said:

I’m glad he played in the Super Bowl. We were the
best team and they were the best team and
we’re playing against each other

This comment is interesting because Derrick did not
play in the Super Bowl. He was injured and lost
for the season.

— hearing aid pictures prevent hearing bullying

Msny deaf teens have said they were afraid to wear
hearing aids because of peer pressure and
bullying by their classmates. A movement started
in San Antonio to encourage deaf teens to show
pictures of their hearing aids on social
media outlets. A hearing person offered $20.00
per hearing aid social media posting, and as a result
this movement took off few weeks ago. Will it last?
Attention span of teenagers, both deaf and hearing,
tend to be short and they would move on to other things.

— comparing a disability with another disability

We have heard too many jokes about the blind trying
to communicate with the deaf. Well, in Tokyo, recently,
four members of the Japanese Assembly compared their
disabilities during a public forum. One was deaf.
One was blind. One was in a wheelchair. The fourth
one was blind but using a guide dog. They agreed
that society must change to accept all types of





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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, June 24, 2015 morning

— a big academic pressure for a deaf man in past

There are hearing stories about a girl claiming that
Harvard and Stanford both offered her big academic
scholarships. This story proved to be false. Another
story about a boy being accepted in all 8 Ivy League
schools. What about the deaf? During the fifties
a deaf man – Lowell Myers attending two colleges
in the Chicago area at the same time; one was for his
bachelor’s degree and the other one for his
masters’ degree. When he applied for his masters,
he lied about getting his bachelors! Both
colleges found out about it and were not too
happy about it. Myers became an accountant and
an attorney, yes, at the same time! He passed
away few years ago.



— waiting five weeks for a welfare check

Christopher Shay, a deaf man, ran out of money
while unsuccessfully seeking employment. Worried
about getting evicted from his apartment for
non-payment of his rent, he applied for
income assistance with the Ministry of Social
Development in British Columbia. In what
would have been a one-day wait, dragged out
to five weeks. He has since then filed a lawsuit
with the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal, accusing
the ministry of discriminating against the deaf.


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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, June 23, 2015



— 83 is a Deaf Magic Number

Ofcom, which is same as FCC to us, ordered 83 more British
TV broadcasters to caption all of their programs by 2016.
These broadcasters had been avoiding captions for years
until Ofcom ordered them to caption or else. Some of
thsee programs are sports (like ESPN) and even one
Fox network!

— signing came easy for ASL student

One ASL student took sign language classes for four
college semesters. She said it came “easy” to her
for two reasons. She works at a restaurant that
is popular with the deaf. And while she talks with
hearing people, she gestures a lot with her hands.
So, it was not difficult for her to convert gesture
to ASL!

— faxing not texting

To fax and not to text? The Matsuyama-shi Fire
Prevention and Control Administration in Japan has
been teaching the deaf how to use the fax machine.
Reason is that they could fax the police & fire
department in case of emergencies. Fax faster than
text? It is puzzling.


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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, June 23, 2015 morning

— a deaf embarrassment in Maryland

Martin O’Malley, who is hoping to become the
next President, said that the Confederate flag
should be taken down in South Carolina. But
he, being from Maryland, said nothing about
an insulting line about the deaf in the
Maryland My Maryland official state song.
One line says:

She is not dead, nor deaf, nor dumb


— a big role for a deaf dancer

Simone Botha is a deaf dancer from South Africa.
She is a role model in the Deaf Community, always
trying to motivate the deaf to do their best
everywhere. She is now dancing in the lead role of
Phrygia in a big dance production – A Spartacus
of Africa. So far it has been her biggest
dancing role.



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