DeafDigest Gold – July 26, 2015

DeafDigest Gold – July 26, 2015

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deaf blind communications

” do enjoy watching this captioned video“]

technical difficulties prevented captioning of this video. This is the script:

Same old story that oral deaf have a hard time
communicating with the ASL deaf.
What about the deaf-blind? Same thing! There
are two different interpreting methods for the
First method is deaf-blind hands on interpreter’s
Second method is interpreter hands on deaf-blind’s
face and body.
Both are very different – and very frustrating for
the deaf-blind!


DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, July 26, 2015 morning

— hate crime and the deaf

Do laws on hate crime help the deaf that are
bullied by the hearing? A discussion on
hate crime and the disabled was shown on
a British TV documentary. One deaf viewer
said that this program did not bring up
the deaf as the victims, instead lumping
them with the disabled.


— a big irony with ADA 25th anniversary

The deaf and the disabled are now celebrating
the 25th anniversary of the ADA. But there is
a big irony – just this week there have been
as many as half-dozen deaf “no interpreter”
lawsuits – such as student denied entry into
a truck driving school, deaf mother denied
a live interpreter upon birth of her child
and the rest – doctors and hospitals still
not giving interpreters for the deaf. So,
while we celebrate ADA there will still
always be no-interpreter lawsuits.



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— an overlooked 2nd Deaf Superhero

Those that follow comic books know that Echo is a Deaf
Superhero, a big part of the X-men series. But do we
have another Deaf Superhero? Yes, it is Hawkeye, of
the Avengers series. It is not known, however, if
Echo has “met” Hawkeye in any of these cross-series?


— assisted living center closes deaf unit

The Care Living at Northwood has closed its Deaf Unit.
Why? Because the beds at the Deaf Unit has not been
used for quite some time. Deaf people not wanting
to live at that assisted living facility? Good
question – but that center is located in Halifax,
Nova Scotia. Perhaps the cost of living at the
center is too high – or – deaf population in
Halifax is too low for the Center to rely on
their business.


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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, July 24, 2015


— truck driving school says no to a deaf applicant

Deaf people are now allowed to drive trucks interstate,
thanks to Department of Transportation’s OK. Tell that
to the Smith & Solomon School of Tractor Trailer
Driving, Linden, NJ. They said no to Kenneth Frilando,
who is deaf and wants to enroll at the school. As a
result, Frilando is filing a lawsuit. It didn’t matter
to the school that he holds a Class A Commercial Driver’s
License with a safety waiver from the Federal Motor
Carrier Safety Administration.


— another device to help the deaf communicate

Seems every other day there is a story of another
new deaf-to-hearing communications device. Here
is another one – that “marries” smart phones
and Google Glass. It is being developed
by a deaf man in Manchester, CT. Possibly
we already have as many as half dozen
deaf-to-hearing text devices. Which
device is best? May the best device


— a comment about Penn State football

Penn State is a popular college football
team in Pennsylvania. Many deaf fans
root for that team – and possibly a
nightmare for them! The team has
removed players’ names from their
uniform jerseys. If these deaf fans
do not have a program book, then they
may not know who is playing. Hearing
fans have no problem since they hear
the PA announcements on these players.
Stadium captions? Not easy to switch
eyes between the action on the field
and the captioned scoreboard. Blink
an eye, and you’ve already missed
the captions.

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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, July 24, 2015 morning

— deaf jurors in Massachusetts

for years, deaf people of Massachusetts
wanted to serve on a jury, but were
not able to do so. This is going
to change, thanks to the efforts by
the Massachusetts Commission for the
Deaf and Hard of Hearing to convince
the state that the deaf can become
successful jurors. It is going to be
a 3-year trial basis, and hopefully
it will be permanent.

— a deaf baseball player makes his decision

Chase Smartt, a deaf catcher in Alabama,
faced a dilemma. He was drafted by Atlanta
Braves and he also accepted a baseball
scholarship offer by Troy University.
He had to decide – to play pro ball
or to go to college. Apparently his
decision was made easier because the
Troy baseball coach is his father!
As a result, he turned down the contract
by Atlanta Braves to play ball for his


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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, July 23, 2015

— Yahoo asks for your Hall of Fame vote

Yahoo posted an announcement today, asking
baseball fans to vote for a player they
feel that should be in the Hall of Fame.
Dummy Hoy?
Pete Browning?

do read the posting at:–who-do-you-think-deserves-to-be-in-cooperstown-163530669.html

and to make sure to follow the twitter hashtag instructions



— trapped in fingerpointing between cable and phone company

A deaf person had this unpleasant experience
of being trapped in the fingerpointing between
the cable company and the telephone company.
In front of his house, while gardening, a piece of
wire cord popped up. He contacted the cable
company about this loose wire cord. The cable
company told him it is the responsibility of the
telephone company. He contacted the telephone
company – and they told him it is cable company’s
responsibility. This went on several times
until the deaf man got very angry about it,
and contacted a TV station community Ombudsman,
who then got the problem solved. It was no fun
continuing to use the video relay service for
these repeated phone calls!


— beware of fake-deaf online friendship

A lonely hearing man, looking for some excitement
in life, joined an on-line text chat group.
He pretended to be deaf, well-educated with
degrees from prestigious universities,
and was a published author of several books, etc.
All of that was a fake, and he was caught.
Why did he do it? He said it seemed to be fun.

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