DeafDigest Gold – December 20, 2015

DeafDigest Gold – December 20, 2015

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hearing lie about deaf

do enjoy watching this text video“]

A hearing person has been interviewed for a job
as a supervisor.
The office has a deaf employee, who is very
important to the company, and also he is the
best employee.
The hearing person was asked during the
interview if he gets along with the deaf and is
able to communicate with the deaf by notes and
The hearing person said “sure, no problem.”
He was hired.
On first day of the job everyone realized
the new supervisor was not telling the truth.


embarrassed codas deaf

do enjoy watching this text video“]

What is a Coda’s most embarrassing moment?
It is when they get into trouble with the police.
Word will get around in the Deaf Community!


turning off captions

do enjoy watching this text video“]

A deaf teenager and her hearing friends were
watching a captioned TV program.
One of the hearing teenagers said he didn’t like
watching a program with captions. Another friend
turned off the captions – without asking the
deaf teenager about it.
It ruined the deaf teenager’s fun moments with
her hearing friends!


two deaf hard hats

do enjoy watching this text video“]

DeafDigest editor was walking around a construction
site in Washington, DC and was surprised.
Two deaf hardhats were communicating with each other
in ASL.
Not too many deaf people work in construction – because
it is hard work, not an easy job.


DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, December 18, 2015

— refusing to come back

Yesterday’s DeafDigest mentioned a deaf man, with
interpreter, being thrown out of Law Amendments
Committee meeting in Halifax. The committee
changed its mind and invited him to come back
the next day. But Robert Tupper refused to
accept the invititation, saying the
committee members do not respect the deaf!

Tupper’s picture is at:


— corner mirrors

Do deaf people need corner mirrors? They cannot
hear footsteps and may accidentally bump into
someone coming in from the other room. At the
Tokyo Metropolitan Katsushika School for the Deaf
(Japan). Mirrors are bein installed at
room corners. The teachers were tired of telling
deaf children to slow down; they run hard
and get knocked down when bumping into someone
at the corners! Did it help? The school
officials said yes.


— still not able to find parents

DeafDigest mentioned several times that Geeta
accidentally entered Pakistan from India as
a child and was held for 13-15 years.
The Pakistinan officials allowed her to
return to India. She has been in India for
about two months. Many people came over
saying they are Geeta’s parents. She has
rejected all of them, saying she doesn’t
know them.

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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, December 17, 2015


— nine year old deaf TV star

Nickelodeon and Disney are the two popular TV programs
for children and young teenagers. In United Kingdom,
there is Rocket’s Island. And it has a new child
star that is deaf. It is Lauren Press, age 9.
Has Nickelodeon and Disney ever had deaf child
actors? Don’t know, but anyway a picture of
Lauren is at:



— deaf man thrown out of meeting

Robert Tupper, a deaf man living in Halifax (Canada),
asked to speak to the province Law Amendments Committee
about salaries and wages. He was given an interpreter.
But when he and the interpreter showed up, the
Liberal political party members threw him out!
Why? They said he arrived late, but the meeting
had plenty of time left! It backfired. Public anger
quickly forced the Committee to reschedule Tupper’s

— tomorrow is very important day

DeafDigest mentioned that the City of Portland
(Oregon) passed a new law requiring TV’s in
public places to always turn on the captions.
This new law becomes effective tomorrow
(December 18, 2015). The city, in fact,
set up a website advising people on what
to do if a restaurant or a bar refused
to turn on captions!


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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, December 16, 2015

— a threat to deaf jobs in casinos

We have a number of deaf dealers in casinos across
USA. They deal cards in blackjack, poker, Baccarat,
etc. They are good dealers. No complaints from
hearing people that lose money at the tables.
Are they threatened with jobs? Take a look at
the picture:



— a new role for Nyle DiMarco

Now that Nyle DiMarco has become America’s #1 model, is
he getting new roles? He is now modeling for “12 Days Of
Christmas” – the modern version. Details as of right
now is hazy so have to wait until information is

— third federal agency with video service

We already had had two federal agencies with video
services for the deaf. It allows the deaf to
be in ASL communications on their needs and
rights. These agenices are the FCC and the
Small Business Administration. Now we have
a third agency – the U.S. Equal Employment
Opportunity Commission. A very important
agency still does not have a video service –
the Department of Justice!


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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, December 15, 2015

— most popular movie is a Deaf Movie

The Tribe was a popular deaf movie (with
hearing audiences) filmed in Ukraine.
Here is another deaf movie, already
#1 in France among the hearing people –
The Belier Family (or La Famille Belier
in French). All of the family members are
deaf, except for a hearing 16-year old girl.
The movie is shown in both signs and captions.
It is a comedy.

see the photo at:



— deaf competitors can be friends

Competition is everywhere. Competitors can be
enemies – or – they can be friends. What
about Deaf Chefs? DeafDigest mentioned that
deaf chef Kevin Delbert represented USA at the
Deaf Chef competition in Copenhagen, Denmark.
He and other deaf chefs wanted to win the
top prize, and Delbert didn’t. Did these
deaf chefs hate each other with resentment,
anger, accusations and jealousy? No, these
8 deaf chefs became friends, discussed
cooking tips and exchanged recipes, etc!
They also shared horrible kitchen cooking
tales – good for laughs. Delbert is hoping
to represent USA again at future Deaf Chef events.

— another Starbucks drive-in with video

Few weeks ago DeafDigest mentioned a Starbucks
drive-in video for the deaf in St Augustine,
Florida. Here is another one, possiblt the
2nd one in USA – on 20th Street in
downtown Birmingham, Alabama. Hopefully before
too long, all Starbucks drive-ins will have
these video kiosks in USA.

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