DeafDigest Blue – January 24, 2016

DeafDigest Blue – January 24, 2016

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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, January 22, 2016

— Hollywood refuses to caption movie songs

Individuals representing AgBell have filed a lawsuit
in California over refusal of Hollywood to caption
movie songs. Hollywood will caption conversations
but not songs. A picture of this refusal is at:


— sign langauge is unsafe

Sign Language usage is unsafe? No, it is not –
but unfortunately, there was an incident. It
took place in Burlington, NC, a city of some
50,000 people. A deaf man was chatting with
his friend in ASL and was attacked by a hearing
stranger. He thought it was gang signs. It
happened last week. The deaf man is in stable
condition and the attacker was caught. It is
not the first time it has happened.


— two inmates walking away from court room

Two inmates, awaiting sentencing on charges of
assault and battery, were released by the
courtroom officer. They just walked out.
They were caught just steps away from the
court building when the judge and the officers
realized something went wrong. The officer
was deaf and misunderstood the judge’s
instructions to keep them in custody and let
them free! It took place, not in USA, but
in Cardiff, Wales!


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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, January 21, 2016

— owner of a top art gallery tried to hide his birth deafness

Patrick K. Pryor co-owns the Kolman & Pryor Gallery. This
gallery is considered to be one of the top 10 best galleries
in Minnesota. He has been deaf since birth but tried to
function as a hearing person all his life, with the help
of his hearing aid. He finally admitted his deafness
because it was difficult to fake being hearing during
speeches, presentations and seminars. Much to his
relief his friends in the arts community were
supportive! His picture is at:


— lead in water at Michigan School for the Deaf

Michigan School for the Deaf is located in Flint.
There has been a scandal and much blame finger-pointing
in the water lead case. It was not known until this
morning that lead was found in a building on the
deaf school campus. DeafDigest hopes this problem
will be fixed and will go away.

— a coffee place misunderstanding embarrasses deaf man

A deaf man and his family entered a coffee place in
London, and wrote down his order on a piece of paper.
He ordered three coffees but was served (and charged)
for six coffees. He asked for a refund, showing the
note for three coffees. His request was refused and
making it worse, the staffer yelled “if he’s deaf,
he shouldn’t be ordering coffees”. This incident
was written up in the newspapers and the coffee
shop owner “promised” to look into this matter.



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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, January 20, 2016


— a city honors deaf father and deaf son

DeafDigest mentioned some weeks back that two
deaf men (father and son) were at a gas station/
convenience market when a robbery and a murder
took place. They fought against the murderer,
overcoming him, forcing him to run away. He
was caught. The city of Parma, Ohio had a
ceremony, honoring both deaf men. The picture
of the ceremony is at:


— a big Deaf Fight at Martha’s Vineyard

Deaf people, that follow history, know all about
Martha’s Vineyard where everyone knew sign language
because many deaf people lived there years way back.
There is a play going on at a theater in Chicago –
The Vineyard. It is about Deaf Romeo in love with
Deaf Juliet at Nartha’s Vineyard. They are stuck
in a big fight between a group that supports
sign language and a group that supports oralism!
It is a twist of this all-time famous Shakespearian

— the best Deaf Films

We have many deaf filmmakers (amateurs, not
professionals) that love to film deaf-themed stories.
Digital photography has made it possible whereas
film photography has made it almost impossible.
Anyway, who are the best Deaf Filmmakers in the
world? They are in Great Britain. Why? The British
Sign Language Broadcasting Trust has given funds
for Deaf Filmmakers to do what they love to do so.
What about USA? Forget it – they do it out of love
of labor (and no money!).


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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, January 19, 2016

— the deaf in the Super Bowl week

Every year we almost always find the deaf during the
Super Bowl week – a player or ASL singer or
whatever. Here is a picture of the deaf in this
coming Super Bowl week:



— text kiosk for deaf travelers

As always, when a deaf person travels, transportation
terminals can be confusing and scary. And even with
maps and GPS it can be an ordeal trying to find
a hotel you made reservations for. A high tech
company in Japan is developing a voice multi-language
kiosk to help travelers at terminals. This kiosk
has a special button that will convert voice to text
for the benefit of deaf travelers. Hope this works.



— a small reason for Walmart’s problems

There is a small reason for Walmart’s problems. A
deaf person stopped shopping at Walmart because
of problems communicating with employees that
don’t speak English, and an English-speaking
employee is nowhere to be found. As a result,
this deaf person is shopping elsewhere.


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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, January 18, 2016

— we almost had a deaf astronaut

Leland Melvin grew up all his life without realizing
he had a hearing impairment. While undergoing an
astronaut training program, the NASA physicians
suspected something was wrong, and gave him a
hearing test – and found out he had a hearing
impairment! His picture is at:


— a father’s reason for Netflix foreign piracy

Last week DeafDigest mentioned Netflix trying to
prevent piracy of its videos through other domain
servers. A father of a deaf child in a foreign
nation, said that there are no captions in
his country. This is why he had to rely on
“illegal” servers in order to provide his son
with captions!


— an update on Matt Hamill

It was announced not too many months ago that Matt
Hamill was ending his retirement and already had a
fight lined up. It was not to be. Under some
mysterious circumstances the fight was cancelled.
He is looking for a next fight but has not been
able to line up an opponent. He suspects something
fishy is going on in the UFC/Mixed Martial Arts
community that is preventing him from getting
fights. Just stay tuned.


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