A deaf person worked in a office. He is the only
person that is deaf.
There was a big scandal. The company bookeeping
showed a $2.60 difference. The boss was angry and
ordered an outside auditor to find out the $2.60
difference. It was solved but the boss had to pay
the auditor $525.00 for this job. Everyone knows
about it.
The deaf person knows nothing because no one told
him about it!


deaf studies major

Do enjoy watching this text video

What is Deaf Studies? Is it a class or a major
that a deaf student takes at Gallaudet?
Or is it just being a student at Gallaudet, different
major, but learning everything about deafness on campus.
DeafDigest editor knows of one person who left
Gallaudet years ago because it had no Deaf Studies
major and transferred to a hearing college because
it had a Deaf Studies major.
It is an irony!


DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, July 22, 2016

— next step in speech to text

Google has been working on the speech to text
technology. Yet, we continue to see these
live captioning bloopers on TV and with these
youtube videos. Very possibly within the next
generation, these bloopers will disappear.
Anyway TDI has hired a deaf man, Eric Kaika
to work with Google on these captioning blooper
issues. Why these bloopers? USA is a big country
and we have these accents, drawls, dialects
as part of our rich linguistic heritage.
His picture is at:


— expelled deaf student wins court case

DeafDigest mentioned a while ago that Jane
Ottah was expelled from Rivers State
University of Science and Technology in
Nigeria. What was the reason she was
expelled? The university did not want her
because of her deafness! She won an ugly
and nasty court case – and in addition
to getting money, she is re-enrolling at
the university. The newspaper said that
her victory was unbelievable!


— protesting the hated VRI

VRI? Hospitals and medical offices love it
because it saves them money on interpreting
fees. Deaf people it because video screens
are lousy. The deaf people of Houston, TX
is staging rallies to protest the continued
use of VRI. These rallies are taking place
on July 29th and August 9th. Will it help?
Doubt it because VRI meets the minimum
acceptable accommodations required of
these medical facilities.



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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, July 21, 2016

— the deaf and the Starbucks

A new Starbucks outlet in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia will
have 10 deaf baristas with 3 hearing staffers. DeafDigest
says next step should be opening a new outlet in New
York – same thing 10 deaf + 3 hearing – because it
was when an ugly discrimination lawsuit was filed by
a large group of deaf coffee drinkers few years ago.
And last week, the U.S. Business Leadership Network
said Starbucks is the best place for deaf and disabled
to work. Will Dunking Donuts copy Starbucks and
hire 10 deaf + 3 hearing staffers? A picture is at:


— wine-making and the deaf

DeafDigest editor is vacationing in Portugal right
now. Because of time difference and tight travel
schedules, DeafDigests are being distributed
earlier than usual. Anyway DeafDigest editor
visited a wine-making museum in Duoro, a region
that have been making wines for 2.000 years. A
question was asked of the museum director – do
we have any deaf in the Duro wine-making region?
The answer, unfortunately, was no!


— world’s hottest game is not deaf-friendly

Do deaf people play Pokémon Go? Hope so,
becase they have full rights to enjoy
playing games on an equal basis with the
hearing. But is Pokémon Go deaf-friendly?
No, accodring to a recent magazine
article! Same old story – one has to
hear to stay ahead of others in
Pokémon Go.


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— no interpreter at sales presentation

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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, July 20, 2016

— Carlsberg discriminates against deaf

Carlsburg is one of the world’s best known beers.
Yet this brewery discriminates againt the deaf.
DeafDigest editor is vacationing Porto, Portugal
now and he saw a Carlsberg advertising promotion
offering free beers. To get a free beer the
person must talk to a hidden wall microphone,
saying this beer is the best. A deaf person
with no speech skills cannot get a free beer!
This is discrimination.

A picture is at:


— written notes is not enough

A deaf employee, who is an important person in
his company, had a note taker during company
staff meetings. No interpreter was provided
even though employee’s first language is ASL.
The EEOC suggested that written notes is not
enough – because it prevents deaf employee to
ask questions during the meeting!


— sign language in colors

A researcher at Deafness, Cognition and Language
Research Centre at University College London,
said that there is a rare condition among
deaf people – called synesthesia. This rare
deaf person sees sign language in different
colors. Very interesting!


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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, July 19, 2016

— from Gallaudet problems to Captioning & relay problems

If we have problems with TV captions or video relay,
then Suzy Rosen Singleton is the contact person.
She is new to FCC, replacing Greg Hlibok. At Gallaudet
she was the Ombuds, the campus fix-it person.
Her priority should be shortening the FCC response
to our issues. It normally takes FCC weeks,
with too much paperwork, to respond to us.
A picture is at:


— a new way of finding a last minute interpreter

A deaf man in New Brunswick thought he had a
heart attack and was taken to a hospital.
Expecting an interpreter, there was none!
Out of desperation, the deaf man’s wife
used Facebook to try to find a last minute
interpreter. A 14-year old kid, with sign
language skills, showed up and saved the
day! DeafDigest hopes this is not the best
way to find interpreters anywhere in the


— a confession by a TV program director

TV director Brad Falchuk said:

It was very hard to find people who could really
sing, really act, and have that charisma you
need on TV.

This is what he told USA Today in an interview.

What he means – deaf actors can’t act and
hearing actors can act, and so, they play
fake-deaf roles. Not best news for us
especially when we havd deaf actors
so desperate for roles.



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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, July 18, 2016

— deaf dog, funny or not funny

The Tarpon Springs Police Department (Florida)
“arrested” a dog for running around without
tags. See the picture at:



— Magic Morgan in the world of magic

We have many deaf amateur magicians. They’re
pretty much good with their tricks and amazing
the audience. Magic Morgan (Wisconsin) is
a full time deaf magician, been at his craft
for over 25 years. He travels the nation,
giving performances. He said there have
been a few full time deaf magicans in the
past, but Morgan seems to be the only one
right now. If you are seeing the word –
Deafinitely in some deaf magic shows, then
Magic Morgan is not involved with it.
In fact there have been several deaf
magicians using the Deafinitely name!



— Deaf Black Lives that Matter

Larry Brown, a retired El Dorado County (CA)
sheriff, recently gave a speech at a
recent Black Lives that Matter rally.
He said that he arrested a suspect
who did not follow directions. Not
using his service weapon, the sheriff
wrestled him down to the ground and
handcuffing him. He then realized
the suspect was deaf, and said he
could have used his weapon during
the scuffle, but didn’t. And to this
day he was glad he made that decision not to shoot.



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