DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, August 26, 2016


— world’s most dangerous city to drive a cab

Are there licensed deaf cab drivers in New York
City? We are not talking about deaf Lyfft
and Uber drivers but of real cab drivers.
ThereĀ is one that is deaf – Yuriy Grinman.
To help with his work, he uses taxi-hailing
app for customers to pick their destinations.
He said – “I see the noise of New York – but
I don’t have to hear it”. His picture is at:


— high speed testing of deaf

Newly born babies now routinely go through hearing
tests. How long does a hearing test take? Just
12 seconds according to a testing center in


— Marlee teaches deaf how to deal with police

There have been too many ugly deaf-police
incidents. The American Civil Liberties Union
has contracted with Marlee Matlin to produce
a video on how should a deaf person deal with
the police. This is important during traffic
stops and arrests. What does Marlee know about
the police? Her husband is a police officer!



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