DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, December 30, 2016


— reason for no ADA for deaf in prisons

Many prison wardens know all about ADA, but
do not enforce it (interpreters, captions,
communication devices, etc). Reason is
that they feel deaf prisoners do not
deserve ADA rights because of the crimes
they committed against the society!
This was the issue written up in a
media editorial. Despite many lawsuit
wins, the attitude may not change.
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— app to handle deaf-hearing meeting discussions

There are always stories of apps that can capture
deaf-hearing discussions in staff meetings
or even at family reunions. Is it always going
to work? Developers say yes. Well, look at
real time captions, there are always mistakes
(that make us laugh or cry). Now, with
fast-paced group discussions, captions fall
behind and by the time it is caught up,
another hearing person speaks up and so on.
And even worse, we need to match the comment
with the person saying it, and this means
head turning, thus missing more of the


— the 911 and the internet

In the near future, deaf people, in need of
emergency assistance, will be able to send
videos to the 911 centers, via the internet.
Technology is ready, but the delay is
because of cost and equipment installation
and operator training. Just cannot be done


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— deaf instructor in medical school

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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, December 29, 2016

— death of a legendary South Carolina hairdresser

Deaf hairdresser Mildred Brown passed away this
week in Rock Hill, South Carolina. She
owned her own hair salon; it was always busy.
In 2001, South Carolina legislature passed a bill
requiring hairdressers to take all tests
to remain licensed. Mildred was unable to pass
the written test. As a result, her business closed.
Hundreds of angry customers stormed the
state office supporting her. The legislators
then revised the laws to allow her to continue.
Back in business, she continued till age 80.

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— messing up a Deaf Film Festival

An upcoming Deaf Film Festival may possibly
be messed up. It has nothing to do with
these deaf films that were scheduled to
be viewed. Film producers may not attend.
Deaf movie fans may not attend – and it
has nothing to do with international
politics – but to with money inflation.
They may not want to risk saving money
for travel only to find out it is not
enough! This is the problem facing
the organizers of the India International
Deaf Film festival in Bengaluru.


— a surprising comment about Frederick, MD

Frederick, MD has a large deaf community,
possibly the largest in USA – per capita
population. Reasons are proximity to
Maryland School for the Deaf, Gallaudet
University and deaf people commuting to
jobs in the Washington, DC area. A
comment in a newspaper was surprising –
that many hearing people know very little
about the deaf, of deafness and of
Deaf Culture and ASL. They may pass by a group
of deaf people at malls and at department
stores but still knowing nothing!


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— participating in auctions without interpreter

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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, December 28, 2016


— deaf rally required many different interpreters

In September 600 deaf people from everywhere
in Europe attended the Deaf Rally at the
European Parliament in Belgium. The goal
was to pass a sign language resolution.
How many interpreters were needed, skilled
with different European sign languages,
for that rally? Thirty different sign
language interpreters! This is amazing.

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— Gallaudet and NTID possibly less noisy than hearing colleges

Are students at Gallaudet and NTID always that
noisy, especially at night – screaming,
foot-kicking the dorm doors, etc. This is what
some hearing undergraduate students have
complained about – these noisy environments.
Think again! There was a story about
noise levels pretty much bad at hearing
colleges – more noisy than Gallaudet and
NTID. Hard to believe!


— deaf church in Spain

There are many churches in Spain. A few of these
churches give Mass for the deaf. A newspaper
story said over 20 priests in Spain give the
Mass in sign language.


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— deaf vendor of ice cream truck

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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, December 27, 2016


— calm and enjoyment in middle of uncertainity

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— a strange way of explaining deafness

A newspaper in New Zealand ran a story
that was titled:

Student to start school with both ears working

It is saying that two new CI’s have made
the student’s ears OK now! The newspaper
did not say that when CI’s are taken out,
then both ears will not work!


— ADA, yes or no

Some deaf people think they have ADA rights
all the time, everywhere. ADA is not magic;
government agencies will not enforce ADA –
unless – the deaf person files a complaint.
And most deaf people don’t!


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— international incident by deaf woman

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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, December 26, 2016


— deaf attraction at a vacation resort

At a vacation resort in Madh Island, off the
shores of Mumbai, a big attraction is a
Christmas Crib. It has been designed and
built by Anthony Estibero. He is deaf
and a long-time resort employee. Every
year at Christmas time, he works on
the crib – where tourists come to watch
in awe. A picture is at:


— a strange technological claim

DeepMind is a British artificial intelligence company.
There was a story about this company working with Oxford
University to develop a lipreading machine that will
help improve movie and TV captions. What does
lipreading have to do with movie/TV captions?


— pulling deaf customers into auto dealership

Fox, an auto dealership in Michigan, has a sign
language general manager. He is the one that
signs in these TV commercials. Does it help?
The dealership says nearly ten deaf customers
come in every month to purchase vehicles.
True or a fake claim? Very possibly true!


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— early TV model

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We want to wish you all a happy Holidays!!

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