DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, January 31, 2017


— Real-deaf or fake-deaf at Switched at Birth

Is Katie Leclerc real-deaf or fake-deaf? She plays
the role of Daphne Vasquez with the Switched at Birth
TV sitcom. Much have been said of Katie’s hearing
loss but watching her, she seems to function
100 percent perfect as a hearing person. It was
learned in a story today that her deafness is
fluctuating, a day to day thing. One morning
she hears perfectly. Next morning she struggles
to hear. It is just like a light switch.
A picture is at:



— Gallaudet and the White House travel ban

The White House has banned foreign citizens
from seven nations from traveling to USA.
This ban has impacted many universities,
Gallaudet included. What does Gallaudet
have to say about it? Gallaudet said:

we are currently reviewing all the information
available and the impact it may have on the University
community. We are concerned about the potential
implications for our students, employees, and families


— deaf weird news

There are always weird hearing news. What about
Weird Deaf News? Here is one – a deaf man telephoned
police to complain about his dog eating up his
hearing aid. What did the police tell the deaf man?

Just wait until the dog performs his duty!



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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, January 30, 2017

— a casino interpreting issue

In a Baton Rouge casino this past Friday night,
a deaf man lost $600 playing the slots. Irate,
he wrecked the slot machine and was quickly
arrested by the casino security people.
Interpreter? The deaf man’s mother was with
him and she interpreted for him. Did the
casino allow the mother to interpret for him,
knowing she was emotionally involved? Did
the deaf man request a certified interpreter?
Were the security people aware that lack of
a certified interpreter could be a critical
issue in the court room? At any rate, this
deaf man was locked up over the weekend,
pending a court appearance today. A picture
is at:



— “ignoring” the national anthem

Do deaf people ignore the national anthem?
Not really, but when deaf people chat with
each other at a sporting event, they may not
be aware that the national anthem is being
sung. This was the issue raised in India
where the government said all people must
pay attention to the national anthem, no
matter if the person is hearing or deaf.


— a wrong way during actors’ auditions

Auditions are a way of life with struggling
actors that compete for limited roles.
For deaf actors, auditions are even harder
because casting directors will pick
hearing actors for deaf roles if no suitable
deaf actor shows up. For one deaf actor
that uses ASL, the audition was humiliating.
He was signing during the audition and he
was asked to use voice!



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Barry’s collections of past articles (with today’s update)
— deaf bill fear by legislators

1/29/17 Blue and Gold editions at:


What is the hearing person we hate the
Those that have this anti-deaf
attitude? Yes, but there is one more!
It is the hearing person that seems
to be friendly to the deaf, but wants
to control the deaf person. He does
not listen to the deaf; tells the
deaf what to do. He does not want
the deaf person to tell him what
to do!


Many people think amplifiers are hearing
Not true. An amplifier just raises the
sound level that a person can hear.
The correct hearing aid is supposed to
be prescribed by a certified audiologist.
Confusing? Yes, but DeafDigest editor
is not a hearing aid expert!



A police officer stopped a deaf driver.
The nervous deaf driver asked the cop what
was wrong?
The cop told the deaf driver to relax
and wrote on note:

Your horn is stuck!


DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, January 27, 2017


— deaf with many skills

Ché-Lee Nel, who is deaf, is a singer, actress, model
and motivational speaker in Johannesburg, South
Africa. She will be making her first album of
her songs at a theater. Her age? Just 10 years
old! Her picture is at:



— pushing for open captions in one state

A bill is being proposed in Nebraska to force
theaters to offer open captions at theaters
with at least five screens at one location.
These captions are to be shown at least
twice a week with films that has this
open feature. Will opponents fight the
bill? Sure!


— Halloween prank in January

A deaf man in Florida was arrested and
charged for being a public nuisance.
What was his crime? Wearing a mop
on top of his head, knocking the
neighbor’s door, and asking to
“borrow” an egg. The deaf man said
he meant no harm, and that the mop
was a joke and he really needed one
egg. The neighbor waa not amused
because Halloween is out of season.



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Barry’s collections of past articles (with today’s update)
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