DeafDigest Blue – February 26, 2017

DeafDigest Blue – February 26, 2017

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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – February 24, 2017

— Gallaudet hopefully not losing its identity

The Washington, DC Metro (rapid transit/subway)
system is broke. And if money is not found within
coming months, there may be dire consequences.
One such consequence is selling the naming
rights to metro stop stations. One such station
is NoMa–GallaudeU station. This name has
generated millions of dollars of free publicity
for Gallaudet. If Gallaudet loses its station
name, then would Gallaudet lose its identity?
Hope it never happens. By the way, it is just
15 minute breezy walk from the stop to the
campus. A picture is at:


— a deaf pitcher at minor league spring training camp

Kevin Grendell, who is deaf and a lefthanded pitcher,
is in the Los Angeles Angels minor league training camp.
Hopefully we will be hearing more of him in years to come
since we’ve not had a great deaf pitcher since the days of
Dummy Taylor.


— DeafWest in another new play

It was mentioned that DeafWest is worried about funding,
but it did not stop them from showing a new play
“Edward Albee’s At Home at the Zoo” which will debut
March 7th.



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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – February 23, 2017

— a big career jump for a deaf woman

big jump from a circus career (clown, trapeze artist,
and contortionist) to a career in high fashion. Ths is
the name of Carola Insolera, deaf all her life and
born in Norway. Her picture is at:


— lack of deaf role models in children’s books

In an interview, Susan Daniels, the CEO of National Deaf Children’s
Society and Deaf Child Worldwide in Great Britain, said that
deaf children are lacking role models in the books they are reading.


— IRS warning about scammers

IRS is warning about scammers that use deaf video relay service,
prettending to work for IRS and claiming deaf people owe money.
Why cannot relay services screen these calls on behalf of the
deaf. They don’t!


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