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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – July 25, 2017

— forced to remove CI’s

A ten-year old deaf girl, playing in a softball
tournament, was ordered by the umpire to
remove her CI’s. The opposing coach, angry
that the deaf girl was a much better player
than his players, told the umpire that her
CI’s gave her an unfair advantage. When
the deaf girl’s coach protested, the
umpire simply told the girl to use ASL.
The deaf girl, an oralist, knows no ASL!
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— Game of Thrones not friends of the deaf

The popular game – Game of Thrones has no
captions, placing deaf gamers at a
disadvantage. This game involves nearly
two million participants yet the game
programmers would not think of captions.
Very discouraging.


— media problems at the Deaflympics

If you are not getting too much information
and updates with the Deaflympics in Turkey
there may be a big reason for it. Said
a media official:

too much Deaflympics bureaucracy and
inconsistent media policy


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— lost golf balls

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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – July 24, 2017

— a walking pizza delivery

Benjamin Houston, who is deaf, is a Domino pizza
delivery driver in Flint, Michigan. On one run,
his car broke down, about a mile from his customer’s
house. He then walked to the customer’s house to
complete the delivery. His boss wasn’t too happy
about it because it was a dangerous area for him
to make the long walk. A picture is at:



— unusual street sign about the deaf

In Nova Scotia, there is a yellow street sign
that says “Deaf Adult Area”! It was spotted by
Ben Harucki, who was on vacation in the
area with his wife. He was not able to
take a picture because he was in a moving
car. Anyway we do see many “Deaf Child”
street signs but certainly not these
“Deaf Adult Area” signs.


— a bad deaf comment on a TV program

EastEnders is a popular Soap Opera TV program
in Great Britian. It was mentioned in a web
posting with a bad deaf comment. Character
Ben played a deaf role. He was confronted
by a bad guy who wanted to fight him. Ben
said “As long as I suddenly go deaf and
stupid, it is ok.” Why would the
script mention deafness because Ben was
already deaf to begin with?


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— ice cream truck vendor

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At a restaurant, a waiter offered to pour more coffee
for a deaf patron.
The deaf patron had too much coffee and shook his head
“no” but the hearing waitress still poured more coffee.
Does the hearing waitress not understand head shaking
for no?


Is it hard to read a hearing face? A hearing person
may be a snob, or very talkative or something.
A deaf person may often misread the hearing face
not knowing who he really is.
That hearing person may be really very shy and
other hearing people knows that, yet deaf person
did not realize it!



DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – July 21, 2017


— ugly deaf incident in China

Jennifer McLean, who is deaf and is a teacher in Zhengzhou,China,
took a cab ride to her residence. The fare was the Chinese
equivalent of $10.00. She gave the driver the same equivalent
of $15.00 and expected change from him. The driver refused to
give her the change – which led to an argument. The driver
physically roughed up the deaf woman. Her hearing son, seeing
the whole thing from the residence, rushed to her defense,
roughing up the driver. The police arrested the son. It took
place last month, and he is still in jail, unable to pay the
$14,800 fine, which was reduced to $8,900.
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— ASL in an upcoming movie

A new movie coming up this fall is “The Shape of Water’
and ASL plays a big part in it. Unfortunately it is
another movie where a fake-deaf actress plays a
deaf role. Why another fake-deaf casting role?
The director is Guillermo del Toro; the production
company is Bull Productions. Should we
just enjoy the movie, happy that ASL has a big
role – or getting angry at the director and the
production company for casting a hearing
actress in a fake-deaf role?


— a day with a CART operator

There was a story about a CART operator
in Portland, Oregon. On a typical day,
she works out of her CART office, logging
on a web site to deliver CART services for
her deaf clients from New Mexico and
Washington, DC. She said some of her
clients have been with her for as long
as ten years and they develop a great
business relationship despite never
meeting each other in person! Her
services cover classrooms, medical
appointments, court cases, attorney’s
offices, conferences, legislative
sessions and business meetings. All
in a day’s work!



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— Three national rival organizations reached agreement

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