What is the biggest thrill and also the
biggest dream of many hearing ASL students?
It is bumping into a deaf person and fully
communicating with him in ASL!


A deaf person walking his dog can easily
lipread a little hearing girl asking:

Can I pet him?

If the little hearing girl said something
different, just forget it!


United Airlines that fly to Europe have captions
on some of their movies.
This is great – but what is not so great is
that most of their movies are not captioned.
Hearing people have more choices with their
movies; deaf choices are limited.


DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – September 22, 2017


— bad news for deaf Uber drivers in one big city

Do we have deaf Uber drivers in London? If so,
then it is bad news. London has turned down Uber’s
license renewal. London said Uber is not the right
company to do business in the city because of
not providing safety to passengers. A picture is at:


— the deaf of Florida

there was a discussion on a web site today. It

For Floridians with disabilities, a right to be rescued?

It said that when there are public announcement
warnings and sirens, the deaf do not know it.
Plus one joke interpreter two weeks ago.
This worries DeafDigest because there are several
large Deaf Communities in the state – South
Florida, St Augustine area, greater Tampa Bay
area and the Villages as well as several other
deaf communities. And even of the deaf of
the Key West. They deserve equal warning messages
that are given to their hearing neighbors.


— why is this happening in Oklahoma City?

A deaf man, who was mentally challenged, liked
to carry his steel pipe around while walking.
One cop didn’t like it and ordered him to
drop it. When the deaf man did not respond,
his neighbors screamed – he is deaf. Yet,
it did not stop the cop from shooting him.
It could happen to any of us – for innocent
reasons. A gesture. Not moving the car forward.
Moving towards the shirt pocket to get notepad
and pen. Moving towards the back pocket to get
the wallet. And so on. We have so many, so
many police workshops on how to deal with the
deaf. Yet, another deaf man is shot. Are
these workshops a joke?


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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – September 21, 2017


— a fireman that always thinks about helping the deaf

Erik Bailey is a hearing fireman with the Walpole, MA
Fire Department. Few months ago he chaired the
first “Emergency Preparedness for the Deaf” seminar.
And every day, he discusses with his fire department
on how to help the deaf in more ways. He has an
important reason – his wife is deaf and has Usher
syndrome. He is even taking interpreting classes
at a local college. Wish we had more police,
firemen and emergency personnel that always think
of the deaf. A picture is at:


— full length featured deaf film

A new full length featured deaf film is coming
out – Hedy & Heidi – the lost sister. It
is produced by Thomas Otto-Bruc, who is deaf.
Deaf actress Heidi Branch plays two roles
in the movie – as deaf twins Hedy and Heidi.
We have deaf producers that produce short
length deaf films, but to produce a full
length featured film is quite an
accomplishment. DeafDigest strongly
suspects the film will remind movie
viewers of “Switched at Birth” which
was not a movie but a TV sitcom that
ran for several years.


— very angry deaf model

A popular chain of health clubs in South Africa is
Virgin Active. This chain places ads in the
national media – and one of the models is
Simone Botha Welgemoed. She is deaf. And she
is very angry – because in a photo shoot
her cochlear implant was photoshopped out
of these modeling pictures! South Africa
ashamed of their top deaf model? Apparently


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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – September 20, 2017


— hopefully a deaf blacksmith in “Forged in Fire”

“Forged in Fire” is a reality TV program about
nation’s best blacksmiths that compete against
each other for the best built knife. All serious
blacksmiths watch the program, hoping someday
to be able to compete as well as to possibly
learn new blacksmithing tricks! We have
a deaf blacksmith – Norman “Buddy” Thomas
of Quapaw, Oklahoma. He is a part-time
blacksmith, working evenings at his home.
He has been honing his skills for twenty
years and some of his knives sell for
nearly $500. DeafDigest hopes he will
appear on the reality TV program and
bring home a cash prize! A picture is at:


— never again staying home during a Florida hurricane

Two deaf women decided to stay home and to withstand the
impact of Hurricane Irma. Never again they said. While
their house was not damaged, staying at home was scary.
They were not able to hear anything, not even getting
emergency news in ASL. They said they will go to a
hotel next time. Why did they stay home? They didn’t
want to abandon their two dogs and one cat.


— a courtroom trick

some hard of hearing people, involved in a courtroom
case, would quietly take off their hearing aids –
and then complain that they are too deaf to understand
the proceedings! Many judges are aware of this trick.


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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – September 19, 2017


— a deaf woman on The Undateables TV program

The Undateables is a popular reality TV program
in Great Britain. Pretty much the same theme
as some of these “boy meets girl” TV programs
in USA. Anyway, Kaia, a young deaf woman with
great cooking skills, was introduced to a young
hearing man on a first date. He made it a point
to learn simple signs such as “Nice to meet you”
in an effort to win her heart. While his signing
was awkward and clumsy, Kaia was thrilled that
he tried to use signs to reach out to her.
Will this lead to second and third dates and
so on? We don’t know yet. A picture is at:


— Lyft is helping deaf drivers

Lyft is locked into a bitter competition with
Uber. And Lyft is coming up with ideas that
will be helping deaf drivers.

New ideas are:
— flashing lights on text phones and flashlight
— app that says “New Ride”
— auto text to tell hearing passengers that driver is deaf
— sign language tutorial “hello” and “thank you”

When will these come into deaf Lyft cars? Not right now
but soon.


— an useless interpreter

A deaf woman attends classes at one of these southwestern
universities. Her major is English and she is a senior.
She never uses interpreters for one reason – she does
not know how to sign. She said she is trying to learn
how to sign – but there is no one on the campus for
her to learn and to practice with. It was written up
for a story in the campus newspaper. Is she happy
or unhappy at the university? This issue was not
brought up in the story.


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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – September 18, 2017


— deaf driver and blind passenger

A deaf Uber driver picked up a blind passenger.
At first communication was awkward, as the blind
passenger realized the driver was deaf. What
helped were these apps (VoiceOver iOS, Android
TalkBack and wireless braille display). At
the end of the ride, both men shook hands.
A picture is at:


— learning how to look for lost deaf hikers

Many deaf people like to hike through the hills
and the mountains. Just like hearing hikers, a
few deaf hikers get lost, requiring a search
group. Law enforcement officers from 12
different agencies in Utah and Arizona
had a workshop to learn how to find lost
deaf hikers. Two deaf actors were hired to
play the role of lost deaf hikers!


— a deaf crook in Great Britain

A deaf man, a house builder in Great Britain,
is a crook. He took money for home improvement
jobs that he never completed. He said:

The courts can’t do anything to me because I’m
deaf. I’m too clever for them.


DeafDigest hopes he will be arrested and
brought to justice some day soon.


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