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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – February 23, 2018

— a vow to honor deaf brother

Rapper Jeffrey Williams has a deaf brother.
To honor his deaf brother, the rapper said
he will not rap new songs for one year. He
made this comment:

I want to act deaf for a year

He will resume rapping in 2019.

A picture is at:


— hating movie captioning devices

Why do deaf people hate movie captioning devices?
A web posting mentioned the following reasons –
some devices cannot be electrically charged;
some devices cannot link to the movie;
certain words are removed from the captions;
movie houses do not refund if captioning
devices break down.


— shame in India; expensive diamonds, cheap deaf labor

Diamonds are expensive. Rajiv Gems Park, a diamond
mining company in India, hires many deaf employees.
They are hired because of cheap labor, thinking
the deaf cannot fight back. Well, the India
Enforcement Directorate is investigating the
way the company cheats the deaf workers.



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— sand artist

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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – February 22, 2018

— a deaf police officer in front page news

Meghan Agosta is a police officer with the
Vancouver (Canada) Police Department. She
is deaf but functions as a hearing person.
DeafDigest does not know if she uses ASL.
She was in today’s front page news – as a
member of the Canadian women’s hockey team
that lost 3-2 to USA. She scored a goal
but missed on an overtime shootout shot
which immediately gave USA the gold medal.
A picture is at:


— comment by owners of pizza restaurant

Mozarella, a pizzeria in San Francisco, is
deaf-owned by husband and wife team. Melody
Stein made this comment in an interview:

We do not believe we have hearing difficulties. We
embrace our deafness. The biggest obstacles would
be how we are perceived by others.

Most of the patrons are not deaf, by the way.


— serious problems with passenger Uber app

Deaf passengers wanting an Uber ride face problems.
These Uber drivers would make app calls to confirm
the pick up reservations. Deaf passengers may
not be aware of these calls. As a result, the
pick up is cancelled as the Uber drivers look for
other (hearing) pick ups! Not every deaf Uber
passenger has this problem, but it happens
from time to time!



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— functionally hearing

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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – February 21, 2018


— angry Nyle Dimarco walks out of an event

An angry Nyle Dimarco walked out of the screening of
Black Panther. Reason was captions. Yes, it was captioned
but only with an uncomfortable captioning device.
He is now pushing hard for open captions. A picture
of angry and scowling DiMarco is at:


— worst USA president and the deaf

The Washington Post today ran an article that said:

The 10 worst presidents

There is a deaf connection to that story. Right after the
Civil War, Andrew Johnson was the president. William M.
Stewart, the senator from Nevada, helped a deaf man get
a job with the US Patents Office. The deaf man was praised
for his great work but was not promoted. The senator went
to the Cabinet secretary’s office to appeal for promotion.
Johnson happened to be in the office. After listening to
Stewart, Johnson made an anti-deaf comment. Stewart never
forgave Johnson. And during Johnson’s impeachment hearing,
Stewart voted for impeachment. Johnson survived by just
one vote!


— hearing ear horse

A hearing ear horse for the deaf? Actually a miniature
horse, but an advocate said that while it is suitable
for the blind, it is not suitable for the deaf!
So, for the deaf that need assistance, hearing ear dog
is it.



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Barry’s collections of past articles (with today’s update)
— trapped burglar

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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – February 20, 2018

— cannot hear the bullhorn

There was a long line outside of the employment
hiring office. Two deaf jobseekers joined the long
line, which was moving very slowly. Suddenly
there was an announcement through a bullhorn.
These two deaf people could not hear the bullhorn
and could not understand what was being said.
Very sad! A picture is at:


— a big irony with clinics

Specsavers is a chain in Great Britain that
provides services with eyeglasses and with
hearing aids. There was a story of a local
Specsavers clinic that refused to provide
interpreter for a deaf person that needed
help with his vision exams. Yet the next
day another Specsavers clinic (in another
British city) was praised for offering
hearing aid services for the deaf.
Left hand not knowing what the right
hand is doing?


— House passes a scary ADA bill

The House passed a bill that would give
six months to fix their ADA violations,
instead of immediately fixing these up.
Scary because six months is too long
and people tend to forget what happened
in the past. It is not a law yet –
the Senate has to pass it and the
President has to sign it into law.



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— captions, turning it on

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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – February 19, 2018


— deaf brewer in Glasgow

David Lannigan, who is deaf, is the head brewer
of a beer pub in Glasgow, Scotland. Because of
his deafness, he has made it a point to make
his pub fully accessible, not just for the
deaf but for people of all disabilities.
His pub is located above an old abandoned
railroad tracks!

A picture is at:


— deaf customer service person embarrasses a hearing customer

A deaf person, working in customer service communicates via
email with hearing customers. He got email from a hearing
customer who thought the customer service person just became
deaf. The response was this:

I was born deaf

The hearing customer was very embarrassed.


— subtitles/closed captions confusion

Deaf people can follow movies that are either subtitled
or closed captioned. Both the same thing? No. Example –
if a scene shows cell phone ringing, subtitles won’t
say the phone is ringing; captions will show it is
ringing. Captions better than subtitles? Not really.
Captions basically show English and Spanish. Subtitles
show many different languages; one has to click on
English as the language preference.



Deaf jobs – latest update

Barry’s collections of past articles (with today’s update)
— deaf person on the stock market trading floor

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