DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – June 28, 2019

— a new Deaf Pizza chain

A restaurant chain means two or more restaurants
owned by one company. Mozzeria, a deaf-owned
pizzeria based in San Francisco, will be setting
up its second restaurant – on H Street, NE in
Washington, DC within easy walking distance
of  Gallaudet University. It will open up
next year. DeafDigest hopes Mozzeria will
succeed because restaurant wars can be
extremely competitive and brutal!


— deaf participant in The Amazing Race

Amy De Domenico, who is deaf, will be taking
part in The Amazing Race, shown on TV.
Unfortunately it is in Canada, as the name
of the race is The Amazing Race Canada.
We are still waiting for our first deaf
participant in USA’s The Amazing Race.


— A judge with zero knowledge of ADA

A metro court judge in Albuquerque, NM
has this zero knowledge of ADA. He twice
refused an interpreter request from a deaf
woman that was in the court for a civil issue.
The judge is now facing a discrimination
law suit. Guess not every judge in USA knows
what ADA is all about!



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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – June 27, 2019

— finally having his hair cut off

Wisconsin Representative Jonathan Brostoff,
who hugely supports the deaf, made a promise
not to cut off his hair until the bill to
help the deaf with their interpreting needs
is passed. It passed and he will have his
hair cut in public. Brostoff knows sign
language – not ASL-interpreter fluent
but adequate.


— must get hearing aid or else

The Malaysian transport ministry has
ordered 60 deaf taxi drivers to must
get hearing aids if they wish to get
licenses. It didn’t matter to the
government that hearing aids are
useless to these profoundly-deaf
adult taxi drivers!


— “language pay” for ASL-fluent police officers

The Idaho Falls Police Department (Idaho)
is looking to offer extra pay (called language
pay) for police officers that are ASL-fluent.
Not sure if other cities have these language
pay opportunities.



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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – June 26, 2019

— a dumb police arrest

Police officers in a New Jersey town responded to
a yelling incident between a deaf neighbor and
a hearing neighbor. When the police arrived, the
deaf woman positioned herself in front of them in
order to communicate better with them. The
scared police officers arrested her for
“interference” with official police duties! As
a result, a lawsuit is forthcoming in that town.


— deaf travel needs same or little different

A travel agent said that the needs of deaf
travelers are a little different from hearing
travelers. Little different? The deaf enjoy
traveling as much as hearing do so the
difference isn’t there. The only difference
is communication accessibility.


— angry CI user at workplace

A CI user was angry. She was scolded by her
boss for “not understanding” voice tones
when hearing employees communicate with her.
She said that her CI does not help her
follow the tones. Her CI helps her understand
the hearing speech, but not the tones (high
frequency, low frequency, etc).



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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – June 25, 2019

— great story of Washington Post printers lacking a fact

Today’s Washington Post ran a great story about deaf
printers in the past years. This great story lacked
a great fact – that a deaf person was in the charge
of production operations. That person supervised a
shift crew of many hearing and deaf printers which
set up next days’ newspaper before it went to the
printing presses. It is believed that this deaf
person achieved the highest professional level
ever made possible at Washington Post.


— interpreter at front and at center

A complaint was posted on a web site about the
distractions an interpreter would create when
standing in front and at center of the stage.
The person doing the complaining suggested
that the interpeter be moved to the end of
the stage. Is the person correct or wrong?
That person is defintely wrong! Things can
happen in the middle of the stage that
the deaf would not see if eyes were focused
towards the end of the stage.


— volunteering to make voice telephone calls

There was an obit that praised a hearing person
for always volunteering to make voice telephone
calls for the deaf. That person volunteered years
ago when we had no relay services that served us.
We had no choice except to rely on telephone call
volunteers. That was great – except for one fact –
that the hearing volunteer could also be too
nosey and know too much about our personal lives
and personal issues!



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