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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – December 27, 2019

— front page story: an angry Marlee Matlin

Marlee Matlin is not a diva, or a “problem”
actress but when she gets upset, it is for
a good reason. Her most recent anger hit
the front page news of newspapers. She
boarded a Delta flight – and yes, as
you guessed it, no closed captions on
inflight movie programs!


— rookie police officer; #1 language is ASL

Angel Familia, a Coda, is a rookie police officer
with the New York Police Department. His bio
says that his #1 langauge is ASL and his #2
language is English. If he is the police force’s
#1 person to communicate with the deaf then hope
it all works out as New York is a huge city and
it is not easy to get around in a matter of
minutes (heavy traffic jams) if he is


— Little Rock bus refuses to stop for deaf passenger

Charles Askew, who is deaf, is a resident in Little
Rock, Arkansas. He does not drive and depends on the
public bus to get around. Something has happened
between him and the Rock Region Metro bus company.
As a result the bus drivers would not either pick
him up or drop him off at his destination. He has
filed a law suit based on First Amendment retaliation



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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – December 26, 2019

— changing town name from Franklin to Whoville

Franklin, NC is a town of 3,800 people. For the holidays
the town name was changed to Whoville. The suggestion
for the temorary name change came from a young student.
He is deaf, and his love for Christmas was the reason
for the name change!


— The Deaf Economic Power

A newspaper headline said:

Americans with disabilities have $200 billion in
spending power

What this means is that deaf people, as a bloc, is
very much part of the economic spending power.
This being said, businesses that discriminate
against the deaf hurts them in the wallet!


— deafness and 20 other disabled groups

A government group in Asia identified 21 separate,
and different disabled groups. One of these is
deafness. What this means is that there are more
people with other disabilities than deafness.



Deaf jobs – latest update

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