A past college football player, who is deaf, faced
a difficult decision. As a rising senior, he never
played in a varsity game (though he played a lot of
football with the college freshman and JV teams).

His goal was to play in a varsity game but time was
running out. His college team was a conference
powerhouse with a string of consecutive championships.

In the summer time, he had a summer job in Washington, DC.
During his free time he joined a group of Gallaudet
players working out on their own on the campus. They
welcomed him to these workout sessions even though
as an oralist, his knowledge of ASL was poor.

When the summer ended, he faced two choices –

to transfer to Gallaudet and get a lot of playing


to stay with his college, and possibly not playing
at all while seeing his team win another championship.

He decided to stay with his hearing college. And
as expected he did not play at all – until the
Senior Day during the last game of the season.

Without warning and in the dying minutes of the
fourth quarter, the head coach suddenly pushed
him on the field – on the kick off team. The
kickoff was short and the ball was downed
quickly without having him getting a chance
of real action. Out of frustration, all he
did was to “throw his body” on the pile.

Just one varsity play was his total collegiate
football career. At least his name is on the
list of all-time football players at his college
that have participated in a varsity game!