A 1953 national deaf basketball tournament
consolation game brought much embarrassment
to the officers of the national deaf basketball

Eliminated teams Pittsburgh and Youngstown (OH)
faced each other in this meaningless game.
The players on both teams were buddies since
both cities were not really that too far from
each other.

Just for the fun of it, both teams agreed to
play racehorse basketball to see which team
would make 100 points first. Defense was
pretty much ignored. Youngstown journeyman
center Angelo Capozzi scored 56 points –
no one was really defending him in the
paint. Pittsburgh won 102-100, and Capozzi
supposedly set the one-game scoring record
in tournament history.

The angry organization delegates passed
a motion next year to separate consolation
records from championship records, thus
making Capozzi’s record an asterisk.

A fan watching the game said he was surprised
at the rapid scoring of both teams but became
suspicious, feeling this game was staged!