Did you know that –

Art Kruger had an interesting job that many people
were not aware of. Mention Art Kruger and we know
he founded the first deaf national basketball tournament
(1945), composed annual deaf All-American athletic teams
(1935-1985), composed a full sized squad of deaf
participants in Deaflympics (1957-1985), best known deaf
sports writer (1950-1985)). What was his real job? Supervisor,
Shipping and Receiving Department at the Western
Costume Company in Hollywood, California. This company
ownership was shared by seven major Hollywood movie
studios – and it manufactured costumes and pieces of
clothing for these Hollywood movies. He placed orders
for fabrics, made sure the trucks delivered the fabrics
to his company and made sure the finished products
reached these movie studios. As the head supervisor,
he had 20-25 full time hearing employees reporting to him.