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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – March 16, 2018


— woman with TV weather news is deaf

Sarah Spivey is deaf (but functions as a hearing person).
She talks about the weather with the KSAT-TV in
San Antonio, TX. In an interview, she said:

had trouble hearing since childhood

While she functioned as a hearing person, she recently
purchased a new hearing aid. A picture is at:


— Nyle is angry

Nyle is angry, for a good reason. Someone in
social media made a comment that doubted
Nyle’s deafness, thinking he was a hearing
person that was faking his deafness! Nyle
responded with a sarcastic comment:

so happy i don’t look deaf


— boxer not allowed because of deafness

It is shocking that in some nations, deaf boxers are
not allowed to box because of their deafness. It is
happening in Burma (Myanmar). Nyaung Khar Shay, a
21-year old deaf man, wanted to become a professional
boxer. The national boxing federation told him no
because of his deafness! They said he must hear
referee’s commands and must hear the bell.
These boxing officials are ignorant.



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— tale of two deaf female astronomers

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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – March 15, 2018

— agency that refused to pay interpreters’ fees

Jim Cromwell, an interpreter, is angry and in a
web posting, said that he is owed $993.00 by
an agency for his interpreting assignments.
The rate was agreed on advance but after he
completed his assignments, the agency refused
to pay him. Ahd when he followed up, the
agency “shut down” its web site! A picture
is at:


— Hawking’s death and the deaf

Stephen Hawking is one of the world’s most famous
scientists. He is disabled and passed away this week.
Some people are angry that the newspapers said that
Hawking is a “wow” person that succeeded despite
his disability. DeafDigest is always angry at
many daily newspaper stories that successful
deaf are “wow” – that they “overcame” their
deafness. Do keep in mind that deaf people can
do anything except to hear. Wow? No way!


— Deaf Bollywood vs Deaf Hollywood

Bollywood is the same as Hollywood, except that it is
in India. Anyway, Hollywood is becomeing more and more
sensitive to the issue of these fake-deaf actors,
and they know if they cast a hearing actor in a deaf
role they will get plenty of criticism. Bollywood?
They probably just don’t care and will praise a
“perfect” hearing actor for playing a “perfect”
deaf role! The most recent example is hearing actor
Nara Rohith who was praised by the media in India
for playing a great deaf role. Keep in mind
India still calls the deaf as deaf-mutes.



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— comic book mystery

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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – March 14, 2018


— deaf eyes: fact or a joke

A deaf woman told a newspaper reporter that she can see
from the back of her head plus catching facial expressions
of people behind her. Fact or fiction? Was she just making
a joke with with the newspaper reporter and he took her seriously?
A picture is at:


— passing the survival training exam

A deaf man applied for a job in the offshore oil
industry. A Catch-22 situation came up. He had
to get the survival training certificate but
was not allowed to take such classes without
approval from the industry. This oil industry
would not allow deaf people to get offshore
jobs. He went to one oil company and convinced
them that even though he couldn’t hear alarms
and helicopters, team members would alert him
to these dangers. The company waived the
requirement and he was able to take the training


— small town dealing with cost of web updating

Alpena, Michigan is a small town of some 9,000 people.
The town board agreed to have its web site updated
to make it ADA-compliant. Cost would be nearly $5,000.
The town supervisor said:

It’s an expenditure that we’re going to have to face
no matter what



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— visual displays not always perfect

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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – March 13, 2018


— giving delivery to a baby

Sian Preddy, who is deaf, is said to be Wales’ first
deaf midwife. How is she able to deliver babies if
she must hear heartbeats to make sure the birth
is doing fine? She uses a combination of a CI and
a special amplified stethoscope. She needs to convince
would-be-mothers that a deaf midwife can deliver
babies just as good as hearing midwives. A picture
is at:


— a twist with the deaf in a restaurant

Yesterday’s DeafDigest featured a deaf waitress
at a restaurant in Virgnia. There is a twist
with the deaf and hearing in another restaurant.
Hearing patrons come to a restaurant in Regina,
Saskatchewan. The restuarant menu shows different
signs for differerent dishes – and the deaf waiters
encourage hearing patrons to sign out their choices
instead of pointing at the menu! This was a project
of by deaf students of Thom Collegiate’s Deaf & Hard
of Hearing program and the Deaf Crows (Native-American


— a state moves bill to require open captions

In Hawaii, the state legislative body approved a
bill to require open captions at larger theaters.
If it eventually passes and if the governor
signs it, then Hawaii will become the first
state to require open captions. The idea for
the bill was started few years ago by a
legislator whose son is deaf.



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— EEOC priority with the deaf

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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – March 12, 2018

— a deaf waitress in a metro area restaurant

Sierra Campbell, who is deaf, and a graduate of
Virginia School for the Deaf and Blind, is a
waitress at the Orexi Greek and Mediterranean
restaurant in Midlothian, VA (metro Richmond
area). The restaurant owners made changes in
the menu to allow diners to communicate their
orders by finger-pointing at ther meal
choices. To prevent surprises, when new
diners comes in, the owner explains that the
waitress is deaf and all they need to do
is to point at the menu. Regular diners
know the drill. So far it has been a success.
A picture is at:


— interpreter’s comment

An interpreter made this comment:

As an interpreter, I am a guest in the lives of
deaf people. I am with them during some of their
most private moments – medical offices just as
one example. I have to keep everything confidential.


— United Talent Agency and the deaf

The United Talent Agency is one of the world’s
largest and most important talenet agencies
in the world. It just signed deaf actress
Shoshannah Stern to a contract. Lets’ hope this
agency will get her more important acting roles.



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— interpreter broke the rule of interpreting

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