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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – January 18, 2019


— hearing workplace rage directed at the deaf

What is hearing rage? A deaf man habitually spent
his lunch hour reading the newspapers at the library
at his workplace. Another deaf man habitually picked
out these free “self-help”, “advocacy” and “advice”
pamphlets and manuals from the agency human resources
magazine rack. These two deaf employees were
scolded by their supervisors for “abusing” their
work place privileges! Hearing rage? Yes!
Discrimination? Again, yes!


— newly elected official welcomes the deaf

Jonathan Michael Nez was inaugurated as the newest
president of the Navajo Nation. During his
speech, he thanked the Native American interpreters
and welcomed the deaf in in the audience to join and
work with him to improve the lives of fellow
Native Americans, both deaf and hearing!


— newspaper headline is very wrong

A newspaper headline today said:

Nyle DiMarco’s World Is Completely Silent

Completely silent? Nyle is well known for his
strong views, quotable in many worldwide
newspapers regarding rights and needs of
the deaf. Silent? No way!



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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – January 17, 2019

— fishy deaf births

Is it a fishy story? There was a story of two
CODA women wanting to have children. They found a
donor; the first born child was deaf. The second
born child was also deaf. Fishy or not fishy?
Or genetics skipping a generation?


— issue with deaf children used as interpreters

Is it child abuse if young deaf children are being
used as interpreters? This is an issue going on in
Great Britain. Years ago DeafDigest editor ordered
a burger and fries from a fast food place. The
sandwich maker said something that was very
unlipreadable. He was not willing to write it
down on paper or to point to something. He actually
was asking:

do you want ketchup?

A CODA child was in the group with DeafDigest
editor and she simply interpreted – you want ketchup
or not?

Child abuse???????


— Sign Language Bibles

There was a story today that said:

No sign language has a full Bible translation

Doesn’t matter what religion it is, the deaf do not
have these full sign language Bible translations.



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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – January 16, 2019

— The Microsoft Disability Answer Desk

How busy is the Microsoft Disability Answer Desk?
It averages 550 calls per day from the deaf and the
disabled, asking for assistance on these Microsoft
products and software.


— an unusual owner of a small town coffee cafe

Seth Hill, who owns the Tarot Cafe in Watertown, NY,
is somewhat unusual. One night every week he hosts
ASL lessons and it is open to the public. Purchase
of a cup of coffee is not required. How many business
owners would host these ASL classes on a weekly
basis? Not too many, DeafDigest thinks so.


— big time actress turns down a fake-deaf role

DeafDigest praises Jameela Jamil, a well known British
actress. She was offered a fake-deaf role in an upcoming
movie and turned it down. She said that this deaf role
should go to a more deserving deaf actress. Actors and
actresses, desperate for roles would accept any role.
Not Jameela Jamil!


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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – January 15, 2019

— many shelters do not have interpreters and counselors

Many shelters, that protect victims of domestic violence,
lack interpreters and qualified counselors. This is the reason
why these deaf victims leave these facilities, but still
looking around for other facilities that best serve their needs.


— patenting the sign language National Anthem

At big events, such as the Super Bowl, we have a deaf celebrity
doing the ASL version of the Star Spangled Banner. Could this
ASL version be patented and protected from these copyright
issues? A joke? Silly? Well, there is a bill going on in
Ireland to protect their sign language version of their
national anthem!


— 13th person in the jury room

There are few nations that allow interpreters
for deaf jurors. But many nations do not allow
these interpreters. Their reason is that the
13th person in the jury room is considered
an outsider and not part of the court
proceedings. It does not matter to them
that these interpreters are neutral and
not involved with the jury room discussions,
which can often be quite heated.



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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – January 14, 2019


— a vague business license

South Lake Tahoe, Nevada announced
that a business license was issued to
an individual. It said it was for

sign language

Sign language teacher or Sign Language
interpreter? Not all sign language teachers
are interpreters; not all sign language
interpreters are sign language teachers!


— many deaf owned businesses, no business directory?

There was a story about the state of Maryland having
these approximately 75 deaf-owned businesses. This is
great – just that there is no directory that lists
these deaf-owned businesses! Deaf people in Maryland,
as well as in these neigbhoring areas of Washington, DC
and Virginia would love to know if there are deaf
locksmiths, deaf car mechanics, deaf house painters,
deaf carpenters, deaf attorneys, deaf accountants
and so on.


— hated being followed by interpreters everywhere

A deaf woman, who enrolled at a hearing college years ago,
was always followed by interpreters everywhere she went –
no matter where – classrooms, dorms, athletic practices,
social events, etc. She hated it. As a result, she transferred
to Gallaudet. DeafDigest is mentioning it because there
was a story today of an Ivy League deaf freshamn student
being followed by two interpreters everywhere. He said he
likes being followed; will he continue to like it or
will he get tired of it?



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