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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – March 22, 2019

— attempting a rare election feat

Bruce White, who is deaf, served two terms on the
city council at University Park, Maryland. That
was years ago. Now living in Ocean View, Delaware,
he is attempting to win a seat on the town council.
If he wins, he would have achieved a rare feat –
serving on two different town councils at two
different times!


— difficult to get last-minute interpreters

Deaf students that attend hearing colleges,
instead of Gallaudet or NTID, do so at their
own risk. There was a newspaper story in Texas
of these deaf students struggling to find
interepreters at the last minute. Sad, but
true. There is an option – only if the college
could afford it – CART services, but again,
not easy to find a CART operator at the last


— volunteering to fight a building fire

Murrell Samuels, who is deaf, saw a building fire
in Stockton, California. Instead of standing
around and watching the firemen fight the
fire, he jumped into action – volunteering to
pull out hoses out of the firetrucks. One
difficult task was carrying the 300-foot
water hoses over a fence. He, and other
volunteers, were thanked by the Stockton
Fire Department. They said the fire
could have been worse if not for these



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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – March 21, 2019

— comments by a deaf actor

A deaf actor said it is very difficult to
get roles only for the reason no one writes
in these deaf roles in their productions.
Also, very difficult to communicate with
fellow actors and directors during rehearsals
and filming productions. They have never
worked with a deaf actor before and
are afraid to do so.


— bad quality captioning software

Many agencies use captioning software knowing
that quality is bad. They try to save money,
saying their captions comply with ADA rules,
regardless of quality with it. A big shame!


— anti-deaf customer

A hearing customer went to a coffee cafe and was angry
to see deaf people being employed, brewing and
serving coffee. The angry customer confronted the
owner, promising never to buy coffee again from
his cafe. A facebook page showed the posting
of the anti-deaf customer. It did not take
place in USA but in the Philippines!



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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – March 20, 2019

— no interpreter during Bomb Cyclone weather

The Rocky Mountain ADA Center said there was no
interpreter on weather emergency news during
last week’s Bomb Cyclone weather that hit
Colorado Springs hard. What was the excuse?
The director of the Pikes Peak Regional Office
of Emergency Management said no time to
get an interpreter – plus – too dangerous to
bring the interpreter to the TV studio.
The ADA center said excuse is not valid.


— an important job not heavily in demand

An important job that not too many businesses
and agencies hire is ADA/disability rights specialist.
This may be the reason for so many ADA lawsuits!


— can talk but prefer notes

At a museuem in Georgia, there was a deafness
theme and a late-deafened artist created a program
that emphasized communications through notes
instead of voice. This purzled DeafDigest because
the artist became deaf because of a childhood
accident, yet was still able to continue with his
speech skills. If a deaf person still can speak, so
why ask for note-taking communications?


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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – March 19, 2019

— NASA does not know its deaf history

NASA does not know its own deaf history. It continues
to say they have its first deaf engineer in Johanna Lucht.
NASA has had deaf engineers in the past – Richard Dawes,
graduate of Florida School for the Deaf and Blind and
also of University of Florida. The other deaf engineer
was Thomas Wheeler, who attended Alabama School for
the Deaf and Blind and also of University of Alabama.
There may have been several more others in the past!

The newspaper story today said:

Johanna Lucht, the first NASA engineer who is deaf

First? NASA does not do its own deaf homework


— fake-deaf in trouble in South Korea

The The Military Manpower Administration of
South Korea is angry. This agency caught
eight hearing men of faking their deafness
to avoid serving military service!


— Crazy Clowns in Germany

Clowns are supposed to make people laugh.
But a group of street clowns in Gelsenkirchen,
a town in northern Germany, is not something
funny. They attacked a deaf person who was
walking in downtown. There was no reason for
this attack. They ran away, but just hope the
police will find them and bring them to justice.



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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – March 18, 2019

— problems in deciding what is the best

In a Forbes magazine article, the issue discussed
was – what is the best? Hearing people deciding
what is the best – better kitchen stuff, better
apps, better ATMs, etc? These great products
are not deaf-friendly and therefore, not really
the best!


— Starbucks and the deaf

Starbucks just announced the opening of its
30,000th store in the world. It also said
it was proud of its first deaf-friendly
store in Washington, DC, within walking
distance of Gallaudet University. Is Starbucks
planning to open a second deaf-friendly
store in Rochester, NY, within walking distance
of NTID?


— a request hard to believe

A video stream producer posted this request on
a web site, looking for a volunteer captioner.
Very hard to believe that it was posted. Captioning
a video is not an easy task. No one wants to volunteer
for difficult tasks, captioning included.


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