DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – May 17, 2019

— Never say “so, you’re deaf”

A warning for interviewers. Never say
“so, you’re deaf” with a deaf applicant.
It cost his company money when the deaf
applicant filed a lawsuit on basis of
discrimination! That deaf applicant,
by the way, had years of experience in the
job he was applying for.


— A deaf “fireman” on TV sitcom

A deaf “fireman” appeared on the Station 19
sitcom on TV. It was Nyle DiMarco. The
reviews said the TV audience was pretty
much hooked into the program.


— A deaf service agency in trouble

Deaf Service agency in Tennessee is in trouble.
An audit said:

stolen money, forged checks and fake
financial documents

The agency said it is not what is happening!
Do stay tuned as truth will sort things out.



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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – May 16, 2019


— fast voice vs slow texts

In Galveston County (Texas), stopwatch tests were
taken on voices and texts at 911 centers. It said

voice – few seconds
texts – 3 minutes; sometimes 15 minutes; sometimes 30 minutes

Not best news for us, but hope future technology will
make text times equal or better than voice times!


— FCC’s captioning rules

FCC had a forum to get feedback from the deaf public.
The feedback was this:

captions must be perfect

captions must be shown at the same time voice was heard

captions must be shown froms start of program to end of program
(this means dull and boring commercials)

captions must not block other TV graphics

Perfect captions? Deaf people have been complaining for
almost 40 years. Same complaints every year with
promises, promises and promises! And captioning companies
still give us same old excuses.


— the deaf in military

Should the deaf serve in the military? The
Communication Service for the Deaf (Austin, TX)
thinks so. This agency plans to support
legislation to allow this to happen. Good or
bad? Does one have to hear to serve or does
one have to see to serve? Some nations allow
the deaf to serve, but USA doesn’t.


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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – May 15, 2019

— deaf devices at 2020 Tokyo hearing Olympics

The 2020 Tokyo hearing Olympics expect some deaf
Japanese people to serve as volunteers, as well as
deaf fans from all over the world. To accommodate
these deaf people, tablet devices would be
provided, allowing them to communicate with the
hearing both ways.


— more on Australia being anti-deaf

A columnist for an Australian newspaper admitted
that this country has a racist point of view,
especially towards the deaf and the disabled.
He made this comment:

We see people with disabilities as having no value,
only a cost

He also said that a big reason is the law – Immigration
Restriction Act of 1901. Deaf people born in
Australia are safe; just that deaf immigrants
and deaf tourists are not welcome. Very sad
that racism exists in one of the world’s
wealthiest nations.


— good news for deaf riders of Uber cars

Uber today made the announcement that a Quiet
Mode will be installed in Uber cars. This is for
riders that don’t want to talk to the drivers.
When Uber drivers start to talk to the deaf,
it makes things uncomfortable. No more!


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