DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – December 15, 2017

— deaf in dangerous factory jobs

Many factories are afraid to hire the deaf because
of safety issues. They can’t hear screams and
shouts of dangerous situations coming near them.
Yet, one factory, happy with deaf employees,
has a safety policy – never leave deaf alone.
In other words, deaf is always paired with the
hearing on work assignments. A picture is at:


— a new sign language law

After a long time, the deaf of Ireland got what they
wanted – government recognition of Irish Sign Language.
This law also said that only those that are certified
can serve as interpreters for the deaf. DeafDigest
is bringing this up because there were two recent
cases of fake-interpreters at public events in
Florida. These fake-interpeters were not arrested.
If it happens in Ireland, these fake-interpreters
would go to jail!


— the deaf and the barking dog

When a dog barks, hearing people know it and try
to stop it. But deaf people would not know it and
can get into trouble. A deaf woman owned three
dogs; two dogs were fine but the third one was
a barker. She was ordered to go to court for
that reason. She won the case – because the
barking dog was old and it would be cruel
to put it to sleep.


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— deaf agency cancels deaf law clinic

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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – December 14, 2017


— teaching police wrong words in ASL

Many police officers want to learn some ASL to communicate
with the deaf. A recent incident was heart-breaking.
Two young deaf men taught a police officer some ASL
words – but these were wrong or prank signs! And
the police had no way of knowing that what they were
signing was wrong. The young deaf men may think it
is funny but to the police it is not funny. A
picture is at:


— to hire a deaf actor and to forget him

A casting director admitted he wanted to hire a
deaf actor for an acting role. But once the
deaf actor is hired, everyone forgets about
him – no cues, no interpreters, no advice
on how to act better, no invitation to
actors’ social events, etc, etc!


— deaf-friendly but wrong courtroom

A new courtroom opened up in the Westchester
County (NY) Supreme Court. It was supposed
to be deaf-friendly – assistive listening
devices for the hard of hearing, real-time
CART reporting, tablets and laptops.
Only one thing is wrong – it is for the
Commercial Division – to settle business
disputes. What about civil and criminal
cases, forget it – same old courtrooms,
which may or may not be deaf friendly!



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— unlucky deaf criminals

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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – December 13, 2017


— a TV show looks for deaf contestants

Sorry, it is not in USA, but in Great Britain.
The producers of the popular TV show – The Great British
Bake Off are looking for deaf bakers that can compete
against British’s best amateur bakers. It is believed
to be the first time a TV contest producer is looking
for deaf contestants. There are many contests on TV
in USA but these producers do not really look for
deaf contestants – possibly because of the interpreting
hassles! Anyway, a picture is at:


— hopefully a deaf man will become the best BBQ pitmaster

Roy Lotz, who is deaf, has a goal some day – to beat the
best hearing BBQ pitmasters in Texas. He currently
owns his Roy’s Lotz of BBQ business, primarily focusing
on catering services in the Austin area – but with the
plan to grow into a full time BBQ pit stand. Competition
is keen because Austin is the hotbed of these independent
food vendors that serve these crazy and delicious meals!


— big irony with TV subtitles

Bancroft is a popular TV crime program. The big irony
is that many viewers (hearing) were forced to turn
on subtitles instead of listening to TV voices.
For some reason, actors were not speaking too well
and also because of technical difficulties with
sound. Bancroft is shown in United Kingdom.



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— A puzzling arrest of a deaf man in Belarus

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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – December 12, 2017


— deaf winner of the “Pastry Chef of the Nation” award

Andrew Price, who is deaf, is considered to be one of the
best pastry chefs in New Zealand, even winning the
“Pastry Chef of the Nation” honor. He makes gingerbread
houses, cookies and cakes, all of which are popular in
bakeries and food market stalls in Auckland. He is
not the only one in the family with these honors – his
deaf twin brother is also an award-winning chef in
Scotland. A picture is at:


— Astronomy Sign Language

To encourage the deaf to get more interested in
Astronomy, the International Astronomical Union
has come up with nearly 50 different signs for
objects in space.


— Lyft could scare deaf passengers

A deaf person could ask for a Lyft ride and
be shocked when a self-driving car shows up.
How could a deaf person communicate with a
self-driving car? Technology is not 100 percent
perfect and what if the self-driving car took
the wrong route?




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— future interpreter that we hate

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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – December 11, 2017


— hearing customers don’t read text messages

Yu Yahui, who is deaf, delivers food for a living
in China. He makes it a point to text his customers
in advance to confirm delivery and arrival times.
He has problems with hearing customers that don’t
read texts, thinking these were prank no-voice
calls! A picture is at:


— an ADA win is not really a win

There was a story today that many attorneys like
to file ADA lawsuits, because it means quick
money for them. The clients only get $500
on the average while attorneys get much more
in thousands of dollars. But what is worse –
is that captioning access is not always
increased despite these quick settlements!


— biggest captioning agency in USA

For years NCI and Caption Center were both the
biggest captioning agencies in USA. Not any more.
It is VITAC, which merged with Caption Colorado
earlier this year. Does size mean better and
best captions? Hope so.



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— a movie possibly bringing painful memories for some

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