Bill Voiselle pitched 8 years in the major leagues,
and at one time was considered to be one of the best
pitchers around. He pitched for the New York Giants,
Boston Braves and Chicago Cubs (1942-1950).
Bill was “very” deaf during his major league
days and was subjected to cruel taunts by opponents,
by fans and even by his manager. His deafness was
a big issue among the sportswriters that followed
the team.
The manager fined Bill $500 for “ignoring” the
orders in one game. Bill’s angry teammates confronted
the manager and explained that the pitcher was deaf,
and as a result, may have not heard it. The fine
made newspaper stories in these days, but the fine
was rescinded by the chagrined manager.
After his playing days ended, Bill had an operation
that restored his hearing!