DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – June 20, 2019

— true or not true that hearing people hate captions

It always has been assumed that hearing people
hate captions and would immediately turn it off
when possible. True or not true? People that work
with TV and movies were asked that question. They
would not show proof that hearing people would
turn off captions.



— a strange comment about deafness

In a newspaper interview, the person said:

I’m not deaf, but profoundly hearing-impaired

What is the difference between being deaf
and profoundly hearing-impaired?

Same thing!


– a deaf basketball hero or a deaf basketball nobody

Who is Lance Allred? Ask a diehard hearing basketball
fan, and he would shrug his shoulders as if he is a
nobody. Ask a diehard deaf basketball fan, and he
would say he is a hero to the Deaf Community. This
issue was raised in a Psychology magazine. Allred,
who is deaf, played for a very short time with the
Cleveland Cavaliers, and one of his teammates was
LeBron James. A hero or a nobody? To DeafDigest
editor, he is a hero despite his minimal NBA stats.


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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – June 19, 2019

— a pledge by CBS

CBS is big – CBS Television Network, CBS Television Studios,
CBS All Accessstreaming service, etc. It just pledged
to cast the disabled into their programs. Just a warning –
pledge means promise, nothing else. And way back in early
1980’s, CBS refused to close-caption its TV programs,
which led to nationwide deaf-led rallies, thus
embarrassing this huge network. Yes, times have changed,
and we shall wait and see if their casting of the disabled
actors will also mean casting of deaf actors. As always,
stay tuned!


— deaf refugees without two languages

A deaf social service agency tries to help deaf refugees
that come to USA lacking knowledge of language and
knowledge of sign language. They communicate by
pointing at objects and by using gestures. This is sad.


— big issue in Texas

A big issue is going on in Texas. The Texas House
legislative body is accused of violating the
ADA by refusing to caption their hearings.
A late-deafened person may not not understand
ASL. Texas is saying that ADA regulations are
being followed by providing interpreters. But
there are many deaf people that don’t use ASL
and require captions. It is both a Catch-22 and
No-Win issues going on right now.



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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – June 18, 2019

— repeat deaf contestant at a reality TV celebrity contest

Lily McManus, who is deaf, will be competing at
the Celebrity Treasure Island reality TV program
which is aired in New Zealand. If she wins, the
prize money will go to the National Foundation
for the Deaf. It is not her first appearance. She
has competed in two previous TV reality programs.


— interpreter giving up

Do interpreters give up during their assignments?
An advocate said that he has had many interpreters
that give up on him while interpreting complex
discussions at the conference table. DeafDigest
hopes it is not true, but if it is, then it is


— confused deaf voters in an election

An election vote consultant said that there
are so many different voting rules in so many
different election districts. Some districts
require all voters to confirm their PIN numbers
before coming to a voting booth. And for that
reason many deaf voters are left confused and
end up not voting at all.



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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – June 17, 2019

— deaf person tells hospital administrators what to do

A deaf person, with an interpreter at a private conference
told the hospital administrators on how to improve
the deaf-doctor communications and relationships.
The deaf person gave the administators a long list,
and most important thing on the list is to dump
the VRI services and to hire human interpreters.


— deaf flag on cart

When deaf people shop for groceries at a huge
supermarket, is it necessary for them to get
a flag posted on their cart – telling the
store personnel that they are deaf? This is
what one national supermarket chain is trying
to do. DeafDigest editor personally does not
like the flag, and if he is looking for something
that he cannot find, he will ask a floor employee
to locate it for him.


— only 3 deaf people showed up

In a small town, there was a big campaign to have
the local movie theater show open captioned movies.
The big day came up – and despite great publicity,
only three deaf people showed up. Not only it was
a big embarrassment but the theater owner lost
money when angry hearing movie goers refused to
come and watch the movie!



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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – June 14, 2019

— not enough captioners

Are the Americans lacking in professional captioners
that do real-time captions on our TV programs?

There was a newspaper stor that said:

captioners: An Under-Marketed Profession

This would mean no one really knows about captioning
as a profession for those that are seeking great


— boom in deaf people with doctorates

Way back in the 1980’s, the number of deaf people
earning doctorates were a few. University of
Southern Maine did a survey and said right now
we have 700 deaf people all over the world
with doctorates. DeafDigest is interested in
knowing how many were profoundly deaf and
use ASL and still earn doctorates?



— getting more deaf people in the nursing profession

Deaf nurses in hospitals? Why not! Pushing for more
qualified deaf nurses is The Independence Center
which hosts its own Certified Nursing Assistant
program in Colorado Springs, CO with interpreters.
ASL-signing nurses is what deaf patients desperately need.



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