DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – February 25, 2021

— Gallaudet becomes a leader in local Covid-19 testing

Gallaudet is establishing a new lab site on campus
to test Covid-19 samples, not just from people
at Gallaudet but also of Marymount University,
American University and Catholic University PLUS
public schools in Baltimore! Quite a huge honor
for Gallaudet to serve as a leader in the fight
against Covid-19.


— an apology and rematch requested

Yesterday’s DeafDigest ran a story of a deaf
wrestler in Nebraska high school state
championship finals – who lost because the
referee would not clearly communicate with
him, which cost him an all-important point.
The family has demanded an apology from
Nebraska State High School Athletic
Association plus a championship rematch
with the hearing winner. DeafDigest
hates to say it but a rematch more likely
is not going to happen. Referees decisions
are always final in all sports even when
they have made apologies for their own wrong


— a fake-blind actor

There was a TV re-run on “In the Heat of the
Night” in which a fully-sighted actor became
blind because of violence. For the remainder
of the program, his eyes were blindfolded,
and he struggled while moving around. Should
we call it a “fake-blind” actor even when he
previously was a sighted person per the script?
Always such issues with fake-deaf actors
playing deaf roles.


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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – February 24, 2021

— a parallel to a famous comment

In 2006, Jane K. Fernandes, after being ousted
as the the incoming president of Gallaudet
Univesity, made this comment that reached
front page headlines – I am not deaf enough.
Fifteen years later (yesterday), a parallel
comment came up – a disabled person said “I
am not disabled enough” after losing her
position with the disabled group!


— referee punishes a deaf wrestler

Paul Ruff, who is deaf, was wrestling in the Nebraska State
wrestling tournament championship finals. Just to play
it safe, Ruff’s coaches advised the referee of his deafness.
Did it help? No. Ruff could not understand the gestures
of the referee, who was wearing a mask. While the referee
gestured, Ruff misunderstood, and as a result was given
a penalty point for “not following” instructions.
It was a major factor in the hearing wrestler winning
the state championship. If it is any consolation,
the champion wrestler got a lot of criticism on
the social media for defeating a deaf wrestler
who could not understand these “masked” instructions.
Why didn’t the referee accommodate Ruff’s deafness?
We shall never know!


— breaking ADA laws or not breaking ADA laws

A hospital has come up with an idea to communicate
with deaf patients. No interpreters. No VRI. Just
digital flashcards that asks deaf patients questions
about their medical issues. These flashcards work
with phone, tablet or computer. ADA? The hospital
is not worried as it is in Ireland!


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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – February 23, 2021

— screaming at a deaf group

Years ago, a hearing person saw a group
of deaf people in a room – and immediately


A hearing person that witnessed this
screaming said she has been haunted
to this day by this lack of respect for
the deaf. 


— NASA never planned to train deaf astronauts

Way back in the late fifties, the NASA tested
a group of Gallaudet students to see how
their deafness gave them “perfect” balance
in space. Was there a hope that NASA would
train a deaf person to become an astronaut?
A NASA spokesperson said the deaf were never
considered as astronauts even though their
balance was much better than hearing!


— a deaf kickboxer with an interesting background

Mary Whittaker, who is deaf, has a blackbelt in
kickboxing. Her background is interesting as she
is a minister in the Church of Scotland, taking
care of her deaf parishioners.


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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – February 22, 2021

— coin flip: captions or interpreters

Leon County Schools in Florida has used interpreters
at their School Board meetings. Now they are
switching to captions. Which is better – interpreters
or captions? Both are better, meaning coin flip,
that everyone hates!


— a sign language dictionary compared to another one

Comparing one sign language dictionary with another
one? The latest sign language dictionary has these
sign categories broken down into percentages:

32 percentage – every day signs
25 percentage – academic signs
20 percentage – agricultural signs
13 percentage – technical signs
10 percentage – legal signs

This dictionary in USA? No, it is in India.


— Full length deaf films or short length deaf films

Very few full length deaf films, led by deaf actors,
not fake-deaf actors, have been produced – those come to
mind are – Love is Never Silent; And Your Name Is Jonah;
Children of a Lesser God plus some others. What about
deaf short films – too many of them! A Hollywood insider
said that the way to get deaf actors more roles is to
make more full-length movies about them!


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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – February 19, 2021

— one-time pointing or 1,000-times pointing means nothing

A deaf man was in an automobile accident. The police
came over. He pointed to his own card which said:

I Am Deaf or Hard of Hearing

He pointed at it many times. And the more he pointed,
the more he was ignored by the police. He was never
provided with an interpreter or with some communication
aids. For that reason, a lawsuit against the police
in Michigan has been filed just recently.


— Coda’s biggest fear

A Coda said that her deaf father operated a
business that partly depended on her interpreting
with hearing customers and her handling of
these voice telephone calls. When she grew up,
she became more interested in other, and different
things. For that reason, she has carried this guilt
(depriving her father of providing for the


— finally after many years

Finally after many years of begging and pleading.
Deaf people hate it very much when captions on
TV would block football scores or something
like that. Deaf people have complained and
was told there was nothing that could be done
with it. Now, Samsung is saying that their
4K and 8K QLED TVs can be adjusted to move
captions away from these “football scores.”
Will it? We need to wait until their March
2nd showcase event.


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