Emergency concerns and the deaf-blind

Hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, tornadoes,
fire, snow storms, etc – important to keep the deaf-blind
in mind

It is an important reminder to remember individuals who
are DeafBlind in your area.

Please check on them and ensure that they are aware of the
danger, prepared and have support services ready

Access to information for many is difficult and many don’t
have computers.

Power outages are a serious concern as many DeafBlind need
to power their devices for communication.

Are the interpreter agencies ready to provide services
to individuals who are DeafBlind?

Are the shelters ready to provide access to communication when
individuals who are DeafBlind arrive?

Are there transportation arrangements on stand-by for individuals
who are DeafBlind?

These are a few very important steps to ensure individuals who
are DeafBlind are safe.

Volunteers who are helping now, thank you for what you do!



(thanks to Rene Pellerin for these tips)