Lee Brody’s Phone-TTY Company turned down a Radio Shack business deal

Years ago Radio Shack was big and powerful. Not any more.

The late Lee Brody operated Phone-TTY Company, one of the nation’s
biggest deaf devices manufacturing plant. He sold everything – flashers,
vibrators, TTY machines, TV decoders, etc.

Radio Shack was interested in marketing Lee’s deaf devices and
came to him with an offer.

Lee turned down the offer, and it went to another deaf devices

Why did Lee turn it down? Radio Shack never promised that it would
be a long term business arrangement – just a one-year deal, renewable
every year. Lee did not want to gamble with a capital investment
in inventory, machinery and equipment only to have Radio Shack
cancel the deal after one year!

Lee passed away in 1997, and slowly his company faded into oblivion.