During the fifties and sixties, a New York deaf fast ball
pitcher made a great pocket money on the side pitching
two or three games per week for different hearing fast
pitch teams. In these days, fast pitch softball was the
king. Deaf pitcher John Woods, whose primary deaf team
was New York Pelicans, was in demand by these hearing
teams that needed an elite fast pitch pitcher. He
would just show up on game day, do a great job pitching
for these hearing teams, pocket the money promised him
(between $25.00 to $50.00 per game) and then go home.
He was strangers with these hearing teammates, but it
didn’t matter to him.

He got less pitching assignments when fast pitch
became less popular as more teams switched to
slow pitch.

In these days, there were also other elite deaf
pitchers – Paul Kaessler and Steve Miller, but
Woods was the only one that made it profitable
for him!