— in front of a hearing daughter, a hearing person
asked her deaf father how could the deaf have children!

— hearing people think deaf cannot have children
because they will be born deaf

— a school principal telling the hearing mother that
her deaf son cannot compete academically with hearing

— hearing people wondering how could deaf people
date, fall in love and get married!

— a deaf person passing her written exam for a
driver’s license only to be told by a shocked
examiner, windering how could deaf people read!

— at McDonald’s, the cashier handed the deaf
customer a Braille menu. The deaf customer explained
she is not blind, but the cashier insisted the
Braille is for her!

— Hearing people telling the deaf man that he does not
look deaf.

— At a mobile phone store, the deaf customer
wanted to have the cell phone problem fixed, only
to be repeatedly told by the clerk that he has to
call the customer service center.