Wesley Lauritsen was a long time athletic
director at Minnesota State Academy for
the Deaf. He passed away in 1992 at the
age of 93. He was a man of many accomplishments
but one such accomplishment stood out.

He invented the sports schedule book which
allowed athletic teams to keep track of
their schedules – dates, times, locations,
name of referees, transportation, lodging
and even restaurant reservations. He
was forever weary of these mess ups such
as teams showing up at the wrong time,
referees not being contacted, wrong
game sites, etc.


His business took off in 1946, and
it continued for 40 years – eventually
being used by coaches in all 50 states and
even overseas. Even colleges bought his
special schedule books.


He sold the business in 1986 to a high
school coach, that was also deaf!