deaf-nfl-quarterback-with-100 percent-passing-average

A deaf quarterback in NFL with a 100 percent passing
average? Yes. Billy Donckers played two seasons with
St Louis Cardinals (now Arizona) in 1976 and 1977
and had a 100 perent passing average in six games
he played. He was 5 for 5 in 5 games in 1977 and
1 for 1 in one game in 1976. How deaf was he?

Coach Don Coryell said he had to make sure
Billy was facing him directly when communicating
with him – lipreading and amplified conversation.
Why didn’t Billy play more? He had the misfortune
of Jim Hart, one of the best NFL quarterbacks
ahead of him on the depth cart. 100 percent
passing average? Well, these were dump off
passes where passing percantages tend to be higher!

He attended San Diego State University.