Barksdale, Tommy – two seasons, independent minors (2014-15)


Barnes ‑ first name (?), was said to play for Wichita in Western League, 1910’s


Browning, Pete ‑ was said to be deaf but no information


Burson, Frank ‑ played for Larned in 1910


Cote, Henry ‑ said to play for Erie in the New York‑Pennsylvania League in 1891 and

also two seasons in majors (1894‑1895 with Louisville)


Cranford, Lawrence ‑ played few games for New Orleans in Southern League, 1924


Cummings, George ‑ pitched for Waterloo in 1895


Curtis, Paul ‑ pitched in the minors, 1901‑1907


Damilowski, Leonard ‑ many teams in lower minors, 1949‑1953


Deegan, W. John ‑ pitched one year with NY Giants, 1901


Dix, Harry ‑ pitched one season, 1907 in minors


Downes, Leonard – pitched one season, 1928 for Frederick Hustlers, Blue Ridge League


Dundon, Edward ‑ pitcher, majors 6‑20 career record; minors 66‑47; career record in



Fields, Jocko ‑ played in majors 1887‑1892; deafness not verified


Flanagan, Skip – played 2015 in the independent North County Baseball League, hitting .263


Fuller, Dalton ‑ played in minors one season, 1901


Funkhouser, William ‑ infielder, minors, 1890 & 1897


Gately, Patrick ‑ Brooklyn Association, 1890’s


Gately, Thomas ‑ played for Lowell, 1914


Gillies, Tyson – played in minors for 11 season in the 2000’s-10’s but never reached majors


Gorgen, Scott – pitched six seasons in minors during 2000-2010’s but never reached majors


Hale, Henry ‑ pitcher, minors, pitched briefly for Atlanta in 1907


Hamilton, Nick – three seasons in minors, 2010’s


Harris, Jalen – three seasons with Brewers’ Rookie League teams


Hayes, Todd ‑ pitcher, class A teams, late eighties.


Hetzler, Hafford ‑ Keoukuk, 1911‑12; may have pulled off 2 triple plays in one game?


Hinch, Paul ‑ outfielder, minors, mid‑1950’s


Hines, Paul ‑ lengthy major league career, 1871‑1890 (said to become deaf after a

beaning at the tail end of his career; controversery rages on whether he made an

unassisted triple play in 1878 while he was still hearing)


Hoy, Dummy ‑ 1886‑1903, majors & minors, .288 career batting average; devised ball

& strike count


Grendell, Kevin, pitcher, Los Angeles Angeles minor league system


Ingram, Dummy ‑ played in 1897 Kansas State League, not verified (Charlie



Kautz, Eddie ‑ played for Dayton briefly in 1946


Ketchner, Ryan – pitched in minors 12 seasons, never made it to majors; 2000-12


Kihm, George ‑ played in minors, 1895‑1913


Kotula, Louis ‑ played for Tacoma in 1917 (may be confused with John Kotula ‑ played

for several teams in 1955)


Kourtis, Dmitri – pitcher, independent minor leagues, mid-2010’s


Leitner, George ‑ NY Giants, 1901; 1901‑1903 career in majors & minors


Lux, Frank ‑ Little Rock, Southern Atlantic League, early 1930’s


Lynch, Matt (Dummy) ‑ Chicago Cubs, 1948, 7 games, .286, 1 hr; deafness unverified


Lynch, Thomas ‑ pitcher, pitched one game for Chicago (NL), 1884, 7 shutout innings

(hurt arm), never played in majors again. Confusion and disagreement on whether that

Lynch was deaf.


McDougald, Gil ‑ infielder, NY Yankees, fifties, gradually lost his hearing after a



Nimmo, Frank – third baseman, Norfolk, Virginia League, 1910’s


Payne, Wood ‑ played for Paducah, 1910 and Bristol, 1911


Pride, Curtis – played in the majors 11 seasons with a .250 career batting average


Rosson, Lester ‑ pitcher, several teams, early 1900’s; pitched against majors in

exhibition games


Rosson, Walter ‑ played few summers for Nashville around 1890‑1900’s


Ryan, John ‑ long career, 1889‑1912 in minors & majors (deafness not documented)


Ryn, John ‑ 1879‑1891, minors



Sawhill, Isaac ‑ minors, 1879‑1882


Sawhill, William ‑ minors, 1885‑1888


Shea, John ‑ Ogden & Erie teams in early 1910’s


Sly, Bud ‑ Owensboro, 1938‑1940


Sickles, Dummy ‑ played in 1897 Kansas State League


Sipek, Dick ‑ one season in majors, played from 1943‑1951 in minors


Solecitto, Austin – 12 games pitched 2016; independent league team Sussex County, NJ


Stephenson, Reuben ‑ 1891‑1898 minors, cup of coffee with Phillies


Sueme, Hal ‑ played in Pacific Coast League, late 30’s & early 40’s as backup catcher.


Taylor, Dummy ‑ pitched in the majors & minors, 1895‑1915, 115‑106 career record in



Voiselle, Bill ‑ was hearing impaired during his major league career in forties but post‑career operation restored his hearing


Weschberg, Von ‑ pitched two seasons in the Cleveland and San Diego farm systems

in the early 90’s


Wickline, Dennis – was said to play for Asheville, NC farm team in the Phillies system


Woodward, Scott – played a season for Ogden team in the rookie-level Pioneer League, 2011