Golf was the love of Jim Inwood’s life, even
preferring it to football (that he played while
at Gallaudet).


After Gallaudet he became the greens superintendent
of the golf course at the Renwood Country Club in
Round Lake, IL. He served in that capacity for
nine years in the seventies before moving on to
other endeavors in life.


What were Jim’s duties as the greens
superintendent? He gets the blame when an
angry golfer misses a 6 inch putt, saying
the putting green was lousy! Actually it
was the golfer’s fault that he missed the
putt, nothing to do with Jim’s landscaping
and grass mowing skills on the greens.
This shows how much pressure Jim had to bear
to maintain the greens as one of the best
in the Chicago area golf courses.


It is believed he was the only deaf person to
serve in that capacity with a golf course.