Rick Macomber, who played basketball and soccer at Gallaudet,
is one of the top standardbred (trotters) drivers at
the Hoosier Park in Indiana. While Gallaudet has had several
professional athletes, he has been at it much longer than them.

Rick’s father, who was in standardbreds, did not want his
deaf son to be involved and encouraged him to find
a different career. Rick found a job as an accountant with
an auto dealership.

Fortunately for him, Rick’s boss owned some standardbred
horses, and realized that his deaf employee has a family
backround in racing. The boss gave him his start in
standeardbred racing. That was way back in 1997.

Since then Rick has been at it with standardbred racing.
His career earnings is into many, many millions of dollars.

Standardbred racing (trotters) with a cart, is not the
same as horseracing on top of the horse.