Facts about one-season major leaguer Dick Sipek we didn’t know about

Dick Sipek played one season with Cincinnati Reds, hitting .244
in 82 games in the 1945 season. He never again played in the
majors but was a career minor leaguer, a consistent .300 hitter.

Here are some facts:

– Dick was used as a late inning pinch hitter, forced to face
the opposing teams’ best relief pitchers. He would have hit
for a higher average if he played full games, but he didn’t.

– Reds’ coach Jimmy Wilson, a cruel man, didn’t like Sipek.
As a result, he hit flyball fungoes in practice to the
opposing field, forcing Dick to run all the way across
the outfield to catch these flies. Dick never complained,
but angry teammates confronted Wilson and ordered him to
cut it out!

– Dick taught his teammates some sign language, and they
used it with the umpires when they didn’t like his calls!
Everyone in the dugout laughed about it.

– On a night out with teammates, a drunk person walked
behind Dick and shouted insults. Without Dick knowing
it, his teammates ganged up on the drunk person to
put him away!