Agreement between NAD, AgBell and CEASD

Is there such a thing as an agreement between
National Association of the Deaf, Alexander
Graham Bell Association of the Deaf and the
Conference of Educational Administrators of
Schools and Programs for the Deaf?

Basically the only two issues everyone agrees
on is more captions and need for interpreters.

Well, these three organizations reached agreement
on the these phrases for to be used in their

finger spelling (old) fingerspelling (new)
hard-of-hearing (old) hard of hearing (new)
lip reading (old) lipreading (new)
lip-reading (old) lipreading (new)
pre-primary (old) preprimary (new)
sign language (old) language of signs (new)
speech reading (old) speechreading (new)
pre-lingual (old) prelingual (new)
post-lingual (old) postlingual (new)

This agreement took place way back in………….1964!