Did Babe Ruth play in a football game against Gallaudet?

In the 1910 football season Gallaudet had a game with
Mount St Joseph’s College (Baltimore). This game ended
in a 6-6 tie. Ed Foltz, one of the Gallaudet players
said the big guy facing him on the line was Babe Ruth.
And in fact the Gallaudet Buff and Blue student
newspaper mentioned it.

Was Foltz telling the truth or was he exaggerating?
Ruth attended St Mary’s Industrial School for
Boys. St Joseph’s allowed St Mary’s boys to play
sports for them. And the St Joseph’s starting
line up in the 1910 game listed a player named
Roth. Was it a misspelling?

The archivist at St Joseph’s said the school
has no records of Babe Ruth playing football
for them.

We shall never know.